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In the Print dialog box, select the Media Type setting that matches the paper you loaded in the printer. To find out what media type you are using, find your media in the list below, and refer to the corresponding media type under which it is grouped (shown in bold). For some media, there are several Media Type settings to choose from Learn how to change epson printer settings for printing on heavy papers and envelops 2. Load letter- or A4-size plain paper, Epson Bright White Paper, or Epson Presentation Paper Matte in the sheet feeder (see page 5). 3. Place your original document(s) on the scanner glass or in the Automatic Document Feeder (see page 8 or 9). 4. Press the Copy/Fax button to enter Copy mode. 5 Accessing the printer driver for Windows. Click the Main tab, select the appropriate Media Type setting, and then select your preferred items for Color, Print Quality, and Mode settings. Selecting the Correct Media Type. Note: Availability of setting items may vary depending on the setting you select

Epson xp-430 bought in August. Cannot change paper type to plain paper. Rolls thru Glossy, Premium Semi-Gloss and Ultra - Answered by a verified Technicia Epson l120 cannot change paper type. 1 hudgi name,1 dress name,1 fish name,1 animal name,1kannada film name evkella onde . answ; Using my epson stylus nx430 to copy, i can no longer select paper quality. it defaults to photo paper and the side arrows for other choice; Change paper type epson. Epson ex-410 showes paper jam but. Selecting the Correct Paper Type Select the correct Type(Windows) or Media Type(Mac OS X) setting in your printer software. This tells your Epson printer what kind of paper you're using, so the ink coverage can be adjusted accordingly. For this paper Select this settin

You see the Main tab of your printer settings window: Select a borderless paper type as the Paper Type setting. Select a borderless paper size as the Document Size setting I'm printing with an Epson Multi-Function printer, and I'm printing JPEG files and PDF files right from Windows 10. I can print everything, it just I can't pick the F4 paper custom size I've made. Previously on Windows 8.1 and older this is not a problem, the printer advance settings show the F4 paper size Re: cant change paper type on my printer. In reply to Hugowolf • Mar 6, 2017. 1. I dont haev the R1800 but like many other Epsons, it wants a special feed for 'fine art' papers. Take a look at page 16 of the owners manual, use the 'sheet feed guide' setting (from what I see). This is a subtle driver setting that although spelled out in the. hi guys dis is how you print different size of paper on ya epson WF7710 like comment also subscribe for more video thank Click Start, point to Settings, and the click Printers. Right-click the appropriate printer, and then click Properties. Click the Paper tab, and then click the paper size you want to use in the Paper Size box. Click OK, and then close the Printers folder

How to setting default paper size on printer. How to setting default paper size on printer Select Paper Type. If you're copying letter size paper, select Plain Paper. If you're copying a photo, select a size from the available paper types listed above How to customize paper size in printerhow to set paper size in printerhow to set custom paper size in printer My Epson Artisan printer would not print as I kept getting the error message - 'The paper cassette is not set properly.' I tried everything I could think of... Our recent printer review of the Epson Artisan 50 Inkjet Printer generated lots of great customer feedback. One comment in particular caught our attention. The thought is that paper type setting in the print driver of Epson printers, perhaps more than some other brands, can affect print quality

Black, color and settings, please follow the arrow keys to select Settings and press OK, after that chage the paper type of Plain Paper and press OK once more to confirm the settings and then, let me know the result. Ask Your Own Printers Question Customer: replied 7 years ago These errors occur when the paper size setting on the printer differs from the document you are trying to print. Make sure the paper size selected in the printer software matches the paper size selected on the printer's control panel. To verify the paper size on the printer's control panel press, Home if necessary, then select Setup > Paper Setup Epson desktop printers have a Thick Paper or Envelope setting. 1. Locate the Maintenance Tab in the printer preferences. 2. Click on the Printer and Optional Information button. 3. Check the Thick Paper or Envelopes checkbox. When the Thick Paper setting is checked you may see a warning before each print job begins

Epson Premium Presentation Paper Matte. Letter (8.5 × 11 inches [216 × 279 mm]) 8 × 10 inches (203 × 254 mm) Place your original document or photo on the scanner glass, or place multi-page documents in the ADF. Load the paper you want to print on. Select the paper size and type when prompted on the LCD screen. Press the home button, if. Load paper that matches the print settings in the paper cassette, then change the paper or print settings. If you do not want to display this message next time, turn off the Paper Configuration setting on the control panel. The paper size and type set in XX does not match specified Print Settings

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  1. es and configures the optimal settings for the selected paper. While this keeps the printing workflow fairly straightforward for OEM papers, it presents certain challenges when printing on third-party papers since paper.
  2. Open the file you want to print. Access the printer settings. Click the Main tab, select the appropriate Media Type setting, and then select your preferred items for Color, Print Quality, and Mode. Availability of setting items may vary depending on the setting you select. Select Manual - Front as the Source setting
  3. Recommended settings for 'Style' sublimation paper on Epson printers-. Paper Type: Epson Matte. Quality: High / best. Mirror Image: Ticked. Below are images of how the drivers should display-. Paper Type and Quality settings are selected from the 'Main' options window. Select 'More Options' to set Mirror Image

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  1. Epson l120 printer no option on paper type. Epson r2000 suddenly is not working properly. first, refused to load paper, then window says printer busy sending data to printer and get; Epson ex-410 showes paper jam but there is no paper jammed in the machine? Epson l120 paper type
  2. Below are instructions for setting a custom paper size in Photoshop. In Photoshop click PRINT. Choose your printer from the Printer drop down menu. Now click the Print Settings button. This will launch your printer's property dialog. Newer Epson Printer Driver Versions. On the Main tab of the printer's properties, locate and click the User.
  3. Name: Choose an appropriate name for the paper size so it is easy to locate in the future Paper Width: Set to 99.00 Paper Height: Set to 210.00 Unit: Ensure is is set to 'mm' Select SAVE to save the paper size Select OK to select to use the paper size. Recommend printer settings for our mug size paper: Paper Type: Epson Matte Quality: High.
  4. How to Change Settings for the Thicknesses of Paper in Printers. To achieve the best print quality, you need to set your printer to the paper type you're going to print on. Standard paper is relatively thin compared to other paper types like matte, photo and cardstock, so the standard paper setting will make a.
  5. Inspired by this project, and finding my own challenges, I had to resolve a few other issues along the way, two that are no doubt Generic type issues: Changing the printer orientation at run time - from Portrait to Landscape and back. Setting up the paper size / type programmatically
  6. When the Run window appears, type in Control Printers without the quotes. Then click OK. 4. Right-click the Canon SELPHY CP 1300 and choose Preferences or Printing Preferences. 5. Change the Output Paper Size as desired. 6. Click Apply and OK. Once this has been done, try printing to test the adjustment

This behavior occurs because the printer driver for one printer may not contain the same tray ID, page sizes, or other settings as another printer driver. Therefore, the page setup of documents will change as the printer changes. When you select a different printer, the paper settings are reacquired from the new driver. This behavior is by design Set the Paper Size and Paper Type settings for the paper tray. To get the best print quality, set the machine for the type of paper you are using. When you change the size of the paper you load in the tray, you must change the Paper Size setting on the LCD at the same time. The following paper sizes can be used for each function 1. Turn on your printer. 2. Check the LCD screen or press the maintenance button. 3. Open the printer cover. 4. Squeeze the tab on the cartridge's back, and lift it up. 5. Gently shake the new cartridge, and remove it from the package. 6. Insert the new cartridge into the printer head until it clicks. 7. Close the printer cover. 8

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Check the Black & White or Grayscale option. You'll usually find this box or drop-down menu in the middle of the page. If you can't find either options on the Color tab, click the Paper/Quality tab and look for a Black & White or Grayscale option there.; If you can't find a black-and-white printing option at all, your Epson printer most likely doesn't support black-and-white printing This document will assist you with product unpacking, installation and setup. User's Guide HTML PDF. This document contains an overview of the product, specifications, basic and in-depth usage instructions, and information on using options. User's Guide - Epson ScanSmart HTML PDF In that case you're in trouble, because paper size selection is made by each printer's driver. It's not a Windows 10 setting. Go to Settings > Devices > Printers and Scanners > click on your printer and click on the Manage button. When the new windows opens, click on Printing Preferences. That's where you select your default paper size However, you may prefer to change the defaults in Word instead. Do the following: On the Layout tab (called Page Layout in Word 2007, 2010 and 2013), click the dialog launcher button in the Page Setup group; in the Page Setup dialog box, go to the Paper tab and choose A4 under Paper size. Click Set As Default. Stefan Blom Pull out paper cassette 1 beforehand. Slide the right edge guide to the edge of the paper. Insert paper cassette 2 . Check the paper size and paper type settings displayed on the control panel. To use the settings, select Confirm using the or button, press the OK button, and then go to step 11. To change the settings, select Change using the or.

Make sure that they are set for the same paper. If you it prints the same as the file I formatted it as. set the document up as a legal paper document it will try to print it as such. Change the format of the document within your application and try it. This is not a printer limitation or fault Here are a few tips and tricks for printing with your Epson EcoTank: Add paper to the rear tray face up. Most sublimation paper will have the back marked. Be sure your settings are correct before printing. You want to be set to the matte paper, best quality, and design should be mirrored Try changing paper type in setup from plain to matte this worked on my wf-2750. Hi, I tried most of these suggestions, on my WF-2630 but none worked. It refused to copy, or let me change the paper source/size/type settings relating to copying! Then I went into Set Up/Printer Settings/ Paper Source Settings, and clicked down on A4/Letter. Choose your printer from the Format for drop down menu. Click on the Paper Size drop down, and you will be presented with a listing of all preset sizes available for your printer. As you can see below, there is a secondary menu that allows you to choose the Sheet Feeder - Borderless option for any sizes where that feature is available

Select that and click on the Paper tab. For my Epson XP-960 I selected Cassette-2 for the paper source in the First page and Other pages windows. The weird thing here is that changing the paper source in the Printer Properties menu does not fix the problem, you must go through the Page Setup menu to correct the problem If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. c. Right-click the Print Spooler service, and then click Properties. d. On the General tab, next to Startup type, make sure thatAutomatic is selected. e. If the service is not already running, under Service status, clickStart, and then.

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From the Printer list, select your printer. Choose Page-oriented. Choose the check style you're using. Choose a full-page source, and if necessary, a partial page printing style and a partial page source. Click OK. Be sure the printer is turned on, is online, and is loaded with blank paper or a sample check. Click Align. Troubleshootin If you have an older printer scroll down for alternative instructions. Start by setting your media type - we tell you the right setting in the instructions that come with the profile download or on the download page.. Note: The Red River Paper profile name will not appear in this drop down! Only Epson paper types. Next, the Mode should automatically be set to Custom / Off (No Color Adjustment. Paper Settings. By registering the paper size and the media type loaded in the top feed, you can prevent the printer from misprinting by displaying the message before printing starts when the paper size or the media type of the loaded paper differs from the print settings.. Note. The default display setting is different between when you print from the operation panel of the printer and when. Remove and reload the paper in the input trays, and then check the paper source setting. 1. Remove all the paper from all the printer input trays. 2. Reload the paper, and then adjust the paper width guides so they gently rest against the edge of the paper stack. 3. In the program you want to print from, click File, and then click Print. 4

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To set the Paper Type, Quality, and other printer specific settings, you have to click the Print button in Photoshop Elements. This will bring up the OS print dialog, which give you the printer driver settings. These settings will vary from printer to printer, but in the middle will be a drop-down menu, each offering different options To Factory Reset an Epson printer: Turn off the printer. Press and hold the reset button on the back of the printer (normally located to the right of the ethernet port). Turn on the printer while holding the reset button. Wait until a message prints indicating that the printer is resetting Under the Document Type pulldown menu, select Reflective. Under the Auto Exposure Type pulldown menu, select Document. Under the Image Type pulldown menu, select 24-bit Color for a color scan, and 8-bit Grayscale if you would like to scan in black and white (selecting Black and White will scan only in black and white, with no spectrum of gray) About the Epson ET-2720. View the manual for the Epson ET-2720 here, for free. This manual comes under the category Printers and has been rated by 4 people with an average of a 8.6. This manual is available in the following languages: English Copy speed may vary depending on copy mode, document complexity, type of paper used and number of copies. This printer is designed to function only with genuine Epson ink cartridges and not with third party ink cartridges. The printer may not function properly or at all if you use third party ink cartridges

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Get better results on all of your projects, big and small with compatible, long-lasting inks developed for any Epson printer. Shop Now. Paper. Rely on high-quality Epson paper for any home printing project, including documents, fade-resistant photos, scrapbook and craft projects, specialty media and more Overview. The Epson WorkForce WF-2810 is an entry-level multifunction printer offering a productivity boost for office environments in a small compact design. Combining individual ink cartridges with a choice of capacity options, Wi-Fi Direct ® auto two-sided printing and fax. KEY FEATURES & BENEFITS. Save time and paper - auto 2-sided printing This printer comes with 9 ink cartridges, but uses 8 ink cartridges to print. There are two kinds of Black ink cartridges, Matte Black and Photo Black, that are packaged with the printer. Choose between Matte Black and Photo Black ink cartridge according to your printing needs. To replace the ink cartridge, see the following section I am using Windows 8.1 and Office 2013 and also using Epson L210 printer. I tried to print my document with custom size 8.5 X 13 but the only options I see is A4 and 8.5 X 11. Office 2013 allows you to set the custom size but when I print it, it cuts the printout to 8.5 X 11

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Print with the loaded paper. Select if you want to print on the paper loaded without changing the paper settings. For example, when the paper setting for printing or copying is A5 and the paper information registered to the printer is A4, the printer starts printing or copying with A5 on the paper loaded. Replace the paper and prin A non-photo model Epson printer, like the Workforce Pro WP-4530 I just got to replace an aging laser, can still produce some great photo output if you give it good paper (even with only 4 inks). The problem is that Epson doesn't provide any ICC/ICM profiles for the various papers on these units Check out the User Guide for your printer model. There should be instructions on how to print on transparencies if any pre-defined options are available. I checked out the guide for myself and didn't find anything that seems specific to transparencies. Epson 3640 User Guide (Page 74 on paper type settings) At 8.5 by 14 inches, legal-size paper is 3 inches longer than standard paper, but most all-in-one printer/copiers are fully capable of printing legal-size paper. All that's required is a slight settings change in the Printing Preferences dialog box. Once the change is made, your copier will be ready to print legal-size documents Paper Type is one of the critical choices for accurate prints. By selecting the proper paper type, you'll ensure that the printer uses the correct amount of ink for your prints. The HP 8250 shown here uses a new setting, HP Advanced Paper, which includes special coding information on the back of the paper

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To specify another printer, click the drop-down list box and choose from the list. Select a paper source from the Paper Source drop-down list. Depending on the printer you have selected, the options may indicate paper types, such as Plain, Transparency, etc.; or the location of the paper feed, such as Auto Select, etc Epson uses an inkpad to clear its printer (jets?) before printing. Eventually the amount of ink deposited in this blotter-type system fills and must be replaced. Unfortunately it seems as if replacing the inkpad is very messy and difficult. Our printer is used so frequently that the inkpad needs to be replaced every six months Or via Start Menu, Settings: Go to Devices, Printers & Scanners. (Left) click on <your printer>, then Manage. Click Printer properties (can't change here on Device Settings tab) Click Change Properties, then Device Settings. Change all paper size settings to the desired size. 0


Click Print Settings in Email Print from the printer menu on the left of the screen. Change the print settings. Items that can be set vary depending on the printer. Displays plain paper sizes that are compatible with your printer. If Photo Printing is selected, the printer uses the photo settings to print images onto photo paper 3. Click the Select printer pull-down and choose the printer you wish to profi le. 4. Click the Select paper size pull-down and select the paper size that is loaded in your printer. 5. Under the Select test chart size pull-down, you will see three options: Small, Medium and Large. In general, the larger the test chart, the longe It does not have a specific paper path for thick paper types. The paper cassette can handle media up to 68 lbs., which includes common photo paper types. For a complete list of compatible Epson paper, please visit the Epson support site. Regards, Mark - The Epson Team How to Convert an Epson Desktop Printer into a Sublimation Printer 1. Introduction. By enabling the conversion of an ordinary Epson 4-color or 6-color desktop printer into a dedicated sublimation printer, InkOwl allows you to affordably enter into sublimation printing The paper source problem may be found if you check the printer properties. In windows you can look at printer preferences to see what paper sources are available, the print job may be printing to the manual feed which may not be set for the same paper type and size or loaded with paper. Check to make sure that the setting matches the paper you.

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As a top-ranking Epson Authorized Parts Distributor, Compass Micro carries over 8,000 parts and accessories. We built our online parts store with quality of service in mind. We crammed 30+ years of experience into extensive notes, photographs, exploded diagrams, warnings and hints throughout About the Epson WorkForce WF-7720. +4. View the manual for the Epson WorkForce WF-7720 here, for free. This manual comes under the category Printers and has been rated by 2 people with an average of a 8.9. This manual is available in the following languages: English @Terry34, welcome to HP Forums, this is a great place to get support, find answers and tips. Thank you for posting your query, I'll be more than glad to help you out. I understand that you are unable to change the print settings while printing from your iPhone to your HP OfficeJet 4652 All-in-One Printer Once this is open, you will be taken to the printer setup screen, where you need to put in the following information: Model: Choose Epson TM-T88V. Name: Type in your preferred name for your printer or leave it as the default option. Port Type: Set this to Ethernet. Port: Leave this as Auto Setup

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Print using smart devices with Epson's free apps, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Direct. Print and scan wirelessly with Epson's iPrint 1 app or try Epson's Creative Print 1 app to print photos from Facebook, create greeting cards and more. And print from almost anywhere in the world by emailing files to the printer with Epson Email Print 1 Choose File > Print. Expand the Color Management section at right. For Color Handling, choose Photoshop Manages Colors. For Printer Profile, select the profile that best matches your output device and paper type. If there are any profiles associated with the current printer, they are placed at the top of the menu, with the default profile selected

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  1. This file contains the Epson L850 Scanner Driver and EPSON Scan Utility v4.0.1.1. Installation instructions: Download the file. Double-click the downloaded file to create a disk image on your desktop. Open the disk image. Double-click the installer icon to begin the installation
  2. 1. Unplug the power cable while a piece of paper is being printed. Print out any sheet of paper from the printer to get the print head to start moving. While the sheet is being printed, unplug the printer so the print head remains free. Remove the sheet of paper from the printer so you can clean the nozzles
  3. My printer is Epson X-420 and I'm having problems printing normal. I tried head-cleaning, but didn't helped. The only solution was to change paper type to glossy, but is slow to print. Hope someone comes with a fix so i can pick plain paper again

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  1. Set the Paper size to custom, and then set the various parameters in the Paper, Margins, and Layout tabs. Then Click OK . If you enter a paper size that the chosen printer cannot run, the name of the customized paper size is grayed out in the paper size drop-down menu
  2. The print function is only a few taps away. Print your emails, photos, maps, documents, spreadsheets and presentations to a nearby Epson printer over a Wi-Fi network. It's that easy. Tap and print. Use the Action or the Tools Button to find the print function. Then find the Epson printer on the Wi-Fi network and print
  3. Designed specifically for high-volume sales environments, the thermal TM-T88IV offers 25% faster printing than its predecessor, a redesigned case, two-colour capability and new easy-to-use features. With its 200mm per second print speed, enhanced graphic capability and increased user memory, the TM-T88IV delivers ultra-fast results
  4. g in my printers. Converting an Epson EcoTank 2720 to a Sublimation Printer
  5. Install the Connect-It Ethernet adapter into the Epson TM series printer The Type IV adapter can replace the existing adapter and is held in place by 2 screws. If changing a printer to Ethernet you must change the specific dip switch on the Epson printer to allow for the Ethernet card

Print speed may vary depending on system configuration, print mode, document complexity, software, type of paper used and connectivity. Print speed does not include processing time on host computer. *2 When printed on Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper. *3 Default mode in accordance with ISO7779 for MFP Check printer functioning with printer self-test (on Epson printers, turn off power and hold the Feed button while turn the power on) If the printer is printing garbage, check the settings of the serial interface on the printer; Check to see that the printer is working with this simple command from the windows command line See also: Window-10 tool to change the color profile print job Windows 10 Lost Printer under Windows 10 1.) Setup the standard printer in Windows 10 and 11! 1. Please open the real Printer folder in Windows 11, 10,... keyboard shortcuts Windows Logo + R 2. Use the command: shell:PrintersFolder 3. By right-clicking on the printer, you can define the printer as the default printer for Windows 11. Quoted yields may vary depending on the images that you are printing, the paper type that you are using, the frequency of your prints and environmental conditions such as temperature. During the initial printer setup, a certain amount of ink is used to fill the print head's nozzles, therefore the yield of the initial bundled set can be lower. 4 I have created the page in HTML bind the data with angularjs and installed the EPSON TM-T88V receipt printer. I want to use the default fonts from fonts list . I have tried to use another font like Verdana, sans-serif etc but my receipt is getting faded print. Is there any Idea please suggest me.? Thanks in advance

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  1. An ideal package for those looking to convert their current printer into a sublimation printer. The Sublimation conversion pack consists of-. 5 x 100ml Inktec Sublinova Smart sublimation inks (C,M,Y, 2 x K) 4 x 10ml Syringes and Needles. Your choice of sublimation paper you require: 100 sheets of A4 Style paper. 50 sheets of A4 Fabric paper
  2. Install the Connect-It Ethernet adapter into the Epson TM series printer . The Type IV adapter can replace the existing adapter and is held in place by 2 screws. If changing a printer to Ethernet you must change the specific dip switch on the Epson printer to allow for the Ethernet card
  3. The print type settings are changed in the print dialogue and the paper type can be changed there and/or on the printer itself. 8.5 x 11 Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper You can see on the corner of the one print that some ink deposited there
  4. Both Microsoft Office and LibreOffice will remember the last setting of the printer used. For instance, in Word (2010) you can change the paper size under File - Print - Settings. If you save your document it will remember that setting regardless of what printer you choose. Note that this does not change the Page Layout paper size
  5. All in One Printer Epson XP-760 Series Start Here (4 pages) Printer Epson Expression Premium XP-600 User Manual. Compact and versatile (190 pages) Printer Epson Expression Premium XP-600 Basic Operation Manual. Compact and versatile (150 pages) Printer Epson XP-600 User Manual (278 pages) Printer Epson XP-610 Hardware Setup Manual (9 pages.

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PAPER & INK The ink cartridges included in the box, print approximately 1,000 black and 900 colour pages, and some ink from the first set is used for priming the printer. Yields will vary considerably based on images printed, print settings, paper type, frequency of use and ambient temperature. When an ink cartridge needs replacing, you cannot continue copying or printing without replacing the. The Expression ET-2710 is a wireless all-in-one with an integrated ink system, ideal for busy homes looking to cut their printing costs. Thanks to the integrated high-capacity ink tanks, ink is supplied continuously to the printer, so there are no cartridges to replace; you simply top up the tanks with Epson ink bottles and keep on printing Steps to use: Install and connect the printer. Run the printer self test to confirm. Confirm the printer settings on the self-test print out. Check for type of connection and setting parameters. Run the POSprint utility. If Windows drivers are installed, check the Windows Driver section of the utility Epson TM-T88V Series Receipt printer. POS thermal receipt printer. Find a dealer Request a callback. This is most clearly demonstrated with the paper reduction function. which cuts down on waste and cost. Product features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Expand All. Print type

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