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Because Maluaka is the best snorkeling beach in the Turtle Town Maui area! It also happens to be my favorite place to snorkel on the south shore of Maui. Calm blue water filled with fish and marine life all along a white sand beach. Well, technically, the fish aren't along the sand, but we'll get to that later Kamaole Beach Park. Kamaole Beach Park is located in the resort town of Kihei, in South Maui. The beach park is actually separated into three parts, Kamaole I, II and III. The best snorkeling can. Leaving from Whaler's Village on Ka'anapali Beach this 4.5 hour tour is geared toward locating the best snorkeling for the day based on weather conditions, tides and fish movements. The trip may stop at a number of hot spots depending on the captain's information for the day Right on the northwestern edge of the island, Honolua Bay is easily one of the best snorkeling beaches on Maui and highly convenient for people staying in a hotel or resort on the western side of the island

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Sometimes America's Best Beach is also one of Maui's top spots for building sandcastles with your kids. Kapalua Bay has received the top honor, nationally, multiple times. A perfect half-moon bay, Kapalua offers kids an opportunity to snorkel with green sea turtles— often for the first time—along its shallower northern rim These are the best places for groups seeking beaches in Maui: Ho'okipa Beach Park. Ka'anapali Beach. Napili Beach. Wailea Beach. Kahekili Beach Park. See more beaches for groups in Maui on Tripadvisor Maui, without a doubt, has the best beaches, with the most abundant mix of sea creatures you'll see while snorkeling! Today we show you where the best Snorkeling is on Maui to swim with turtles. It's always fun to swim with the Green Sea Turtles (Honu), get some selfies, while always remembering to respect their space (keep your distance) and. Molokini Crater Approximately 2.5 miles off of Maui's south shore is a partially submerged volcano islet that serves as a popular spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. With the crystal-clear water, snorkelers can see an average of 150 feet of visibility at Molokini Crater, making this one of the best Maui snorkeling locations Best Maui Beaches for Both Snorkeling and Swimming Ka'anapali Beach & Black Rock. This is one of the largest and most popular beaches in Maui. This beautiful sandy beach stretches for almost a mile. It is also where the famous Black Rock is located. Get an early start and snag a free parking spot if you can

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  1. Maluaka is one of our favorite beaches in South Maui. It's a peaceful spot in a beautiful setting and offers some of the best snor­keling on Maui. Its wide stretch of sand is bordered by the lush grounds of the former Makena Beach and Golf Resort and is relatively uncrowded compared to many Maui beaches
  2. The waters also tend to be calm. The snorkeling beaches on this list with the most people are likely Kaanapali Beach (Black Rock), Ulua Beach, and Kapalua Bay Beach. These are the beaches that are more directly in the resort areas. There will likely be people at the other beaches too though
  3. The best Top 10 Maui snorkel spots with maps & photos. #1 Molokini Crater Snorkeling Molokini Crater is a popularthing to do due to the high-visibility of the protected inner waters and also for the abundance of ocean life due to it being deemed a Marine Life Conservation District

After your snorkel, make a trip down the road to Big Beach for great swimming, excellent scenery and beach lounging! 'Ahihi Bay Located in the 'Ahihi-Kina'u Natural Area Reserve and surrounded by beautiful lava rock at the southernmost driving point of Maui, 'Ahihi is a great snorkeling location when conditions are calm Maui is one of the best, if not the best, Hawaiian islands for snorkeling. If you're planning a trip, there is plenty to see underwater. But you won't find good snorkeling just anywhere on the island. These are the 11 best snorkeling spots to find fish, coral,.. Napili Bay. On the north end of Maui between Kahana and Kapalua, Napili Bay is a wonderful little cove with a family-feel just outside of the busier tourist areas. Great for beginners, the long sandy beach boasts incredible snorkeling at either end of the bay from the north to south It's in front of the Sheraton hotel in West Maui. While yes, Kaanapali beach can get crowded, it's for good reason. One of the most beautiful beaches on Maui, the white sand beach stretches for a mile. At the north end of this beautiful beach is Black Rock, a place to both snorkel and cliff jump

Here are the top 5 spots for snorkeling on Maui, in our humble opinion. Plus we share 7 tips for snorkeling on Maui and 2 places the locals love to snorkel.. Located on the East side of Molokai is one of the best places to snorkel in Hawaii, Kumimi Beach. Sometimes referred to as Murphy's Beach, this is definitely one of the best places to snorkel on the island of Molokai Find Top Rated Snorkeling Tours in Maui! Book Snorkeling Tours on Viato The Most Beautiful Beaches for Snorkeling in Maui May 2, 2019. South Maui is highly regarded for having excellent beaches for snorkeling. The island of Maui is, in fact, home to several wonderful beaches, each offering a slightly different experience. Read on to see some of the best beaches for snorkeling in South Maui! Why is Maui Great for. Napili Bay Beach is great for snorkeling during the summer months. When the waves are up, the sand gets churned up mucking the visibility. If you're staying at one of the nearby resorts such as Outrigger Napili Shores or Napili Kai Beach Resort, you're sure to have a great time.More at: Napili Bay Beach Don't forget to bring your mask, fins, snorkel

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This beach is part of a resort that includes condo's, shops, bathrooms and restaurants. It's definitely worth a visit if you plan to travel with a family. There's much to do besides snorkeling. Just like most of Maui's beaches, sea turtles love this place. Besides all kinds of fish, you'll come across them frequently Sea Maui's West Maui 4 ½-hour snorkeling tour departs from Kaanapali Beach several days a week at 8:30 a.m. The snorkeling spots vary depending on the ocean conditions but can include Mala Wharf. West Shore Beaches. Maui's western shores feature several of the best beaches for snorkeling and swimming. D. T. Fleming Beach Park features inner cove areas, plus a long stretch of white sandy beach

Beach for snorkeling. It is a set of three beaches that are very popular both to Kihei locals and tourists. The perfect spot for snorkeling is around the reefs where the three beaches separate. Kamaole Beach is the child-friendly and ideal place for your children to learn snorkeling. 4. Keawakapu Beach. Considered as one of the best beaches in. I can't say that I have snorkeled every beach available in Maui so take my answer with that in mind. We have found that snorkeling Honolua bay to be a very good place to go. You can easily drive there and if you get there early, there is parking a.. Pros: Short snorkel swim. Beach pathway. Cons: Limited parking. Enjoy a snorkel and a walk at Ulua Beach ; Black Rock at Kannapali Beach: On the far end of the Kaanapali Beach, Black Rock is popular with families staying in Kannapali. The name pretty much sums it up, a big black rock at the end of the beach that has tons of fish and turtles The best snorkeling in Maui can be experienced at the 'Āhihi-Kīna'u Natural Reserve ('Āhihi Reserve) which is located in South Maui.The 'Āhihi Reserve is a short 10 minute drive, south of Wailea-Makena, on Makena Road. It's about 1.5 miles past the turn off for Makena State Park (Big Beach)

Further north, Napili Bay and Kapalua Bay are neighboring snorkeling hot spots, and Honolua Bay. in the summer months has arguably the best snorkeling on Maui.. In South Maui, Mokapu Beach and Ulua Beach are separated by a small, volcanic headland that teems with fish and sea turtles, and down in Makena, Kanahena Cove—also known as Dumps—is spectacularly rugged and remote This is the best place in Maui to teach your kids how to snorkel. Note that the water in the center of the bay can be a little cloudy from the soft sand. But if you set off from the north end of the beach and swim along the ledge, the visibility is better The Best Beaches in Maui for Sunbathing, Snorkeling, Turtle Watching, and Sunset Seeking this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines nocknockwhosthere. · 5y. +1 for a rashguard and all your other points. this is honolua bay at 7am in july/august. 4. level 2. crimson117. · 5y Maui. Damn, 10-15 minute swim, then snorkeling, then 10-15 minutes back takes much more than a decent swimming ability in my book Book a snorkel boat tour. Yep, in spite of everything I said about our experiences on snorkel boat tours. If you've got a family, it's the only way to do it. Because this was the best snorkeling we managed from South Maui beaches. A video below shows what we managed to see

Napili Beach. Pack your snorkels! A few miles south of Kapalua on the island's northwest shore is where you'll find Napili, one of the best beaches on Maui and a favorite for its shore break as well as a healthy resident population of sea turtles. The tranquil waters, home to schools of colorful fish, make for excellent swimming and. Snorkeling at Kahana Beach A view of the shoreline in the Kahana area of Maui, Hawaii. Some of the best Maui beaches for snorkeling is right here in the Kahana Bay! Add some adventure to your stay at our Maui condos and snorkel out from the shore to discover coral reef formations, tropical fish, sea turtles, and other various marine life. Molokin

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Best Snorkeling Spots on Maui by Boat. Molokini Crater: A volcanic islet located off Maui's south shore, Molokini is the most popular snorkeling spot on Maui and on many visitors' bucket list. Molokini's crescent shape keeps its interior clam and protected making near perfect conditions for snorkelers. Its interior is literally wall-to. Best Snorkel (Fish) Beaches Most Maui beaches have decent snorkeling for tropical fish. The top spots listed here are the best for all ages with fish closer to shore and easy entry to the water. Ahihi Cove would be the top spot except shallow water and fragile coral make snorkeling here a bit tricky Maui holds some of the world's best beaches. These beaches are a place for numerous fun activities, and one of the most popular is to explore what is going on underneath the water. Of course, some spots are better than others when it comes to snorkeling. Here's our list of the best snorkeling locations on the island. Snorkel by Boat

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United States - Maui - best hotels/condos with good snorkeling right at the hotel - I've been looking for hotel or condo in the Kaanapali/Napili area (earlier post), and wondered which ones are. The Maui Snorkel Stores' Top 10 List of the Best Snorkel Beaches on Maui. West Maui {Kapalua, Napili, Kaanapali, etc} *Starting from the top (north) side of the West Maui Mountains (Mauna Kahalawai) going south to Kaanapali, Lahaina towards the South side of Maui. Honolua Bay: Farther up the coast, past Kapalua. Near the 33 Mile Marker Maui is one of the best, if not the best, Hawaiian islands for snorkeling. If you're planning a trip, there is plenty to see underwater. But you won't find good snorkeling just anywhere on the island. These are the 11 best snorkeling spots to find fish, coral,.. Maui Snorkel Store is offering suggestions only for Maui's best snorkel beaches. Maui Snorkel is not responsible for you in the Ocean and strongly suggest always check for current safety conditions . Before you participate in any, water sports, activities consult with a qualified physician regarding any and all health concerns The 5 Best Maui Beaches in 2021 Maui has so many amazing beaches and these are the best of the best, according to our 2021 Readers' Choice Awards. When the surf is mellow, the beach is great for snorkeling, and honu (Hawaiian green sea turtles) often show up at Nāpili Bay's reefs, just offshore. Categories: Beaches, Best of Blog, Best.

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  1. Since snorkeling remains the most popular activity in Maui, you might find it helpful to learn about the best snorkeling spots in advance. An all-time hit amongst tourists and natives alike, these beautiful spots are a real gem in nature
  2. A snorkeling tour in Hawaii isn't considered absolutely necessary like it may be in some other tropical destinations. Many of the best snorkeling spots in Hawaii you will be able to organize your own snorkeling trip. One notable exception is the Molokini Crater. This is one of the best snorkeling spots in Maui
  3. The Best Hawaiian Beaches for Snorkeling with Kids: Oahu, Maui and the Big Island. July 15, 2019 Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, The Big Island Lissa. When we planned a three week, three island trip to Hawaii this summer- snorkeling was at the very tip top of our list of things to do. I researched for months, searching for the best places to snorkel with.
  4. Best Snorkeling in Hawaii- 20 Great Spots for Families. 1. Molokini Crater, Maui. A Vibrant School of Fish at Molokini Crater | Photo by Greg Amptman. Molokini Crater is located three miles off Maui's shore and is world-renowned for its clear waters full of marine life

Black Rock Sheraton West Maui. At the far end of Kaanapali Beach in front of the Sheraton Maui Resort sits a lava outcrop known as Black Rock. The reef here is beautiful with turtles often close to shore. Scuba diving classes are commonly held here with easy access to the water and plentiful caves and coral formations Winter Snorkeling on Maui. Hawaii is located wonderfully near the equator, meaning our temperatures don't vary much throughout the year. When the trades are blowing, and you're in South or West Maui at sea level during the day, temperatures in the seventies and low eighties are the most common. If there happens to be stormy weather, that. Wailea and Kihei have some of the most popular beach and snorkeling areas on Maui. This southern coastline of the island stretches for more than 6 miles from its northern end at Maalaea Bay to its southern end at the entrance to the luxury resort area of Wailea

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4. Pu'u Ola'i Maui Snorkeling at Red Hill. Snorkeling Maui off the coast of Pu'u Ola'i cinder cone is another of the best Maui snorkeling locations. The Maui snorkel location is named after the land formation, Pu'u Ola'i. Pu'u Ola'i was formed in the late 1700's when volcano activity erupted, dramatically spewing lava from within to form a mounded cone shape Snorkeling is great because, unlike scuba diving, you don't need much equipment or training and there's comparatively less risk.And while you can't go everywhere the scuba divers go, there's no shortage of places to snorkel, not only along the United States' 95,471 miles coast and shoreline, but also in lakes, rivers, and even flooded volcanic calderas and craters Where to Snorkel in Maui. Find the best spots to snorkel in and around Maui, Hawaii. Top 10 Best Boat Trips. We've listed some of the best vessels in Maui waters. Molokini Snorkel Map. Learn about each unique location inside and around the crater to dive. Activities for Kids. Families with children can have a blast doing these various activities But I agree that the 2 recommended sites, Kapalua and Ulua combine good snorkeling with an easy sandy entry. 6. Re: Best places to snorkel with young kids. Napili Bay can also be good off to the left and not out too terribly far. Nice sandy entry and it has the added bonus of being a nice beach for playing in the surf

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Chosen by Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman aka Dr. Beach as America's Best Beach of 1999, Wailea is located in South Maui, at the Grand Wailea and Four Seasons Resort Maui. Wailea Beach offers good swimming, snorkeling in calm waters, and body surfing on a shore break that is not as punishing as Wailea's other beaches 513 66 2032 306. Great snorkeling abounds on Maui. Here are some of the best ones to snorkel at with kids.Always beaware of local conditions and strong currents. Generally, mornings are the best time because the ocean is calmer. There are also many places to snorkel that require a kayak or boat ride to get out to

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ALOHA! The Ahihi Kinau Natural Area Reserve is considered to be one of the best snorkeling spots on Maui.This is located in South Maui.. So there are 2 main areas to snorkel at the bay of Ahihi Kinau that are considered safe ocean entry spots (officially recommended by the state of Hawaii), and they are located in kind of separate areas We head to Turtle Town to swim with the locals and realize that there's no need to book a boat tour to this spot! We then get a tip that leads to an incredib.. Lani Kai II is a 53-foot state-of-the-art vessel that can accommodate up to 72 people on private boat charters and 50 people on public snorkeling tours. Our whale watching, snorkeling, and SNUBA diving tours leave out of Ma'alaea Harbor and travel to Molokini Crater, Turtle Town and Coral Gardens. Since her launch in August, 2020, Lani Kai II.

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Snorkeling and Maui go hand in hand for a reason: the pristine waters off the Valley Isle's coast teem with some of the most vibrant marine life in the world. And while terrific snorkeling is found just off the beach across the island, nothing trumps taking a trip out into the Pacific—where diving under may put you within reach of. The 5 Best Beaches in Maui for Snorkeling. If you love to snorkel right off the beach like we do, here are my top 5 choices for you. Some of these are not sandy at all... more of a rocky beach... but they are awesome for snorkeling! Honolua Bay Marine Reserve. Maluaka Beach (Turtle Town) Kaanapali Beach at Black Rock

Napili Beach. Kapalua. Photo courtesy of nivéK woods. Calm waters and golden sands make this beach one of the best in the area for swimming and sunbathing. For those who are interested but haven. The term Best Maui Beach will mean different things to different people, so please read take note get your own list of Best Maui Beaches. Surfing, snorkeling, windsurfing, kite surfing, scuba diving, body surfing, even beach combing can crowd out any beach, the things that make some of these beaches good for one activity will create additional. Snorkeling is one of the most exciting activities you can enjoy during weekend or while on holiday to Maui. Every year, thousands of visitors flock Maui Island to snorkel, swim, windsurf, kite surf and basically have a good time. A visit to the best snorkeling beaches Maui offers you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore Hawaii's [ Kapalua Bay is one of the most beautiful white sand beach on Maui, it has an active marine life and luxurious resort making it an ideal place to snorkel on Maui. Walk down Lahaina shoreline trail to access this crescent-shaped beach. Maluaka Beach. The hidden gem on Maui - Maluaka beach is also known as turtle town Here's a list of the five best beaches to snorkel: 1. Ka'anapali Beach. Ka'anapali Beach is one of Maui's longest beaches (three miles) and most popular beaches. Located in West Maui, it once was a retreat for Hawaiian royalty. There are many resorts along the beach, but you can easily find spots that aren't crowded

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Best Snorkeling in Maui Maui is known as The Valley Isle, the second largest and third-highest population Hawaiian island. It is beloved for the world-famous beaches, the sacred Iao Valley, views of migrating humpback whales (during winter months), farm-to-table cuisine and the magnificent sunrise and sunset from Haleakala Here Are the 5 Best Maui Surfing Spots With millions of wave-riding visitors and plenty of professional residents, Maui, Hawaii, is known as a surfer's paradise. The island's coves, bays, and beaches provide hours of fun, and looming mountain peaks complete the backdrop The large rock formation at the northern end of Ka'anapali Beach is known as Black Rock. The area offers excellent, easy snorkeling for all ages. Because of this it is also one of the most popular spots on the island, and close to major resorts. Black Rock Images. Directions: Head northwest on HI-30 E, Turn left Kaanapali Beach Public Parking Water activities such as snorkeling and swimming are popular at these great locations. Of course, choosing the right beach for your vacation can sometimes be a difficult task, so we decided to narrow things down for you and pick the 15 best beaches in Maui. 1. Hamoa Beach Source: Steve Heap / shutterstock Hamoa Beac

Kapalua is one of Maui's best snorkeling beaches, protected by two reefs that extend out on either end to form a crescent-shaped cove. Its rocky northern end has especially calm waters. Kaanapali Beach is a 3 mile long picture perfect stretch of white sand located on the western shore of Maui. Its been rated one of the best beaches in the world by numerous travel publications such as Condé Nast magazine. Black Rock is the prominent rocky peninsula and snorkeling spot at the north end of the beach Best Snorkeling Beaches on Maui. October 21, 2013 admin. Off. Tourism Destination. The oddly-shaped Hawaiian island of Maui offers an array of nooks and crannies along its shores, affording snorkeling enthusiasts ample opportunities to explore the crystal-clear waters and bountiful marine life living among the coral reefs. While Maui's. Maui's Best Snorkeling Beaches - Maluaka Beach. Maluaka is one of our favorite beaches in South Maui. It's a peaceful spot in a beautiful setting and offers some of the best snor­keling on Maui. Its wide stretch of sand is bordered by the lush grounds of The Makena Beach and Golf Resort and is relatively uncrowded compared to many Maui.

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The Ahihi Kinau Natural Area Reserve's Ahihi Bay has some of the best snorkeling in Maui. There is a little cove here that's great for all levels of snorkelers, has loads of fish and even a nearby turtle cleaning station! The proper name for the area is Waiala Cove, and you'll also hear it referred to as Ahihi Cove from time to time Snorkel Bob's has multiple stores across Kihei, with one in the Kamaole Beach Center (2411 S. Kihei Rd., 808/878-7449, 8am-5pm daily), and another in the Azeka II shopping area in Central Kihei (1279 S. Kihei Rd., 808/875-6188, 8am-5pm daily). Snorkel Bob's is a statewide chain that also incorporates activity sales, and you're sure to see. Maui, Hawaii | May 3, 2021 North of Lahaina and south of Napili on Maui, the Ka'anapali Beach (aka Black Rock Beach) is popular for snorkeling. The best Kaanapali Beach snorkeling is at the north end of this 3 mile long beach

Snorkeling from Shore or from a boat in Maui it is extremely unlikely you will see a shark or get bit etc. You are far more likely to be in a car accident while driving on Honoapiilani Highway. (In the Hawaiian Islands, since 1828, there have been 116 confirmed shark attacks and only 8 confirmed shark attack fatalities Kapalua Bay, edged by two coral reefs, is one of the best snorkeling spots on Maui 's north shore. The bay is fairly sheltered and most of the time offers a perfect sea for snorkeling. Along the reefs, you can spot a great diversity of fish (including several species of moray eels) and have a good chance of encountering a green sea turtle Best snorkeling in Maui in February. AM going to Napili area in mid-February. Would like info on any areas of the island that might offer good snorkeling in February. Also, good and safe areas for. Maui Activities helps you find the best activities for you and your family! Discount luaus, Molokini snorkeling trips, zipline tours & more 808-856-4274 Best Turtle Snorkeling Locations on Maui Turtle Town. For the best location to snorkel with turtles on Maui, head to Turtle Town, aptly named for its dense population of Hawaiian green sea turtles here in their natural habitat. Located off the southern coastline of Maui, Turtle Town is best approached on a boat tour

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8:00am (snorkel, snorkel 101, 3 beach) 11:00am (snorkel, snorkel 101, 3 beach) 7:20pm (Night Snorkel) (other times available upon request) Book Online, Call or Email to make a reservation Phone: 808-214-4743. Email: shorelinesnorkel@gmail.com We are a mobile business, we meet at Kapalua Bay Beach, 5900 Lower Honoapiilani Rd Three Tables is a small beach in the North Shore area, not so far from Shark's Cove and ranked as one of the best beaches in Oahu for snorkeling. Named for the three flat, table-like coral structures, this beach is a great place to snorkel for medium to experienced snorkeling fans The best snorkel gear rentals in Hawaii with stores on Maui, Kauai, Oahu & Kona, 8-5 Every Day. Reserve your Hawaii activities and save--Snorkel Bob Cares

Snorkeling, Boat Tours, Whale Watching Tours. 207 Kupuohi St. , Lahaina, HI. Snuba with my 8 year old son was truly magical for him and I. Highly recommend taking the trip to Lanai. In 269 reviews. 2. The Snorkel Store - Ka'anapali. 516 reviews Kihei Boat Ramp is located in South Kihei on the way to Wailea. Many small dive boats and raft tour companies board here for Molokini snorkeling and scuba diving trips. There is a restroom and a small beach, but this is not a great place to hang out. The address is 2988 South Kihei Road, Kihei, HI 96753 The proximity of Molokini is the reason why snorkelling in Maui is best! Molokini is a partially submerged crater, and is only 2 miles off the coast of Maui, where the beauty of the water is superior to most other places. It's unsurpassed clarity makes snorkeling on Molokini so special. The water is so clear, you can see up to 150 feet away

2. Check Out the Best Snorkeling in Maui. Some of the best snorkeling beaches in the Hawaiian Islands are off the beaches in Maui. Book a Maui snorkeling tour or just find a snorkel rental shop (like Snorkel Bob's) on the island and hop in the water, preferably in South Maui because that's where the best snorkeling in Maui can be found Anini Beach The Best Beaches to Snorkel in Kauai 1) Anini Beach. Home to the longest reef on the island, Anini Beach is located on Kauai's North Shore. The water here is fairly shallow and the reef features underwater canyons with ample sea life. In addition, the offshore reef creates a lagoon where snorkeling is safe year-round

With a SUP rental Maui and some simple instructions, visitors can make paddle boarding part of their Kihei or Wailea experience. Here's what beginners need to know before they go stand up paddle boarding in Maui. Where is the best place to paddle board on Maui? There are 20 beaches in Kihei, Wailea and the area surrounding them Maui Diving Snorkel Shop also offers guided snorkel tours for those wishing to snorkel Maui reefs. Guided Beach reef tours for $55.00(min group size 4 snorkelers) Maui Diving Scuba Center will provide you with Shore Dives, Boat Dives and Snorkel Trips to all the top dive sites Maui's best snorkeling tours. Maui Molokini and Turtle Arches tour, Maui Molokini Wild side snorkeling tour, Maui Molokini performance Sailing snorkel trip, Maui Honolua Bay sail snorkel, Lana'i snorkel and Dolphin watch excursion, Maui Pali coast snorkel and performance sailing tour, West Maui snorkel and performance sailing tour, lanai Coast snorkeling trip, lana'i beach picnic snorkel sai Snorkeling in Oahu Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve. One of the best beaches in the United States for snorkeling, Hanauma Bay welcomes an average of 3,000 visitors each day. Even so, you can still find a spot on the white sand to lay out your towel before wading into the shallow turquoise waters

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