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16. 8417 posts. Share. Posted April 14, 2011. I cracked up at the cachin' team name of Cletus & Brandine when I saw their log at a cache in Laughlin. Personally I've always considered Snoogans to be a pretty awesome geocaching name, but then I've always been pretty impressed with myself I know this will sound like a crazy question, but it is legitimate. Ive asked two publishers but they do not get back to me. I assume many of you have seen the video on YouTube out there about the Jack Schitt family. My geocaching friend and I want to put out a series based on all the names of th..

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  1. I think a good geocache name is not something you decide ahead of time. The nature of the cache and its setting will suggest a name, and then you can get clever, make a play on words, a witticism, joke, etc., etc
  2. A typical cache is a small waterproof container containing a logbook and sometimes a pen or pencil. The geocacher signs the log with their established code name and dates it, in order to prove that they found the cache. After signing the log, the cache must be placed back exactly where the person found it
  3. g a cache with town or area in the title. na

Geocache containers and physical stages of different geocaches must be at least 0.1 miles (528 feet or 161 meters) apart. A physical stage is any object placed by the cache owner, such as a container or a tag. Non-physical stages, including reference points, trailheads, parking coordinates, and virtual stages Geocaches should be a minimum of 528ft/161m away from each other. The map below displays visible locations that are already taken by existing geocaches. The map does not display hidden waypoints and some other potential obstacles to hiding a geocache. Your location must still be reviewed by a community volunteer after it is submitted Although caching is becoming more popular, the chances of more than 1 cacher in a particular class is still small. I think youd have more luck finding the people of that class and organise a reunion caching event to introduce them to the hobby

What Is Geocaching? If you and your kids need more activities to do when spending time together, consider geocaching. A worldwide game that involves everything from clues to camping, geocaching is a great way to spend some time outside, using your tech skills and tools like GPS, Google search, the Geocaching app, and more to find treasures hidden in the most unlikely places Geocaching HQ - help desk and customer service portal. Send us an email. Our support team will reply as soon as possible. Fill this form with your Geocaching account information Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where you use a GPS to hide and seek containers with other participants in the activity. Geocaching.com is the listing service for geocaches around the world. What s in a name (GC9BDHC) was created by siljibbe on 5/16/2021. It's a Micro size geocache, with difficulty of 1, terrain of 1

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  1. 1 Micro 2 Small 3 Regular 4 Large 5 Virtual 6 Other 7 From Groundspeak Help Center 7.1 Sizes 7.2 Philosophy 7.3 Examples 7.3.1 Polypropylene Boxes 7.3.2 Ammunition Boxes 7.3.3 Boat Supply Containers 7.3.4 GladWare and similar products: Generally a Poor Geocache Container 7.3.5 Food Containers and Other Packaging: Generally a Poor Geocache Container 7.3.6 PolyethyleneBoxes 7.3.7 Film Containers.
  2. Solve the mystery and then use a GPS-enabled device to navigate to the solution coordinates. Look for a micro hidden container. When you find it, write your name and date in the logbook. If you take something from the container, leave something in exchange. The terrain is 1.5 and difficulty is 2.5 (out of 5)
  3. Otherwise, prep for geocaching as you would for a hike (or an urban stroll) from the parking area to the geocache location. For a hike, that means considering the Ten Essentials as a starting point. Those essentials should definitely include a quality headlamp, too, in case a quest for an elusive geocache catches you out after dark
  4. There are millions of geocaches worldwide, just waiting for you to find them. There are probably even some within walking distance of where you are right now. Visit Geocaching.com to see just how many geocaches are nearby and to learn how to start finding them
  5. The listing will transfer to the new account, the owner name on the listing will not change, but the link will go to the new owner; If the original geocache owner is inactive on our site and/or will not use the Geocaching Adoption Service, the interested new party must ask the original geocache owner to give Groundspeak written permission
  6. You already have a good geocache. But you don't want to stop at good, do you? Take your geocache to the next level and start earning heaps of Favorite Points..
  7. g November '19), a MiGO Name Badge available for pre-order and a new transparent window sticker

Apr 21, 2015 - If you are making a geocache and looking for a way to make it more challenging, learn how to make a puzzle geocache. Geocachers will need to put on their thinking caps in order to solve the puzzle and find the cache Jan 25, 2016 - A collection of clever and creative geocache hides. See more ideas about geocaching, geocaching containers, geocashing

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As you may have noticed that my caching name is Philatsea. I chose this because I started cruising back in 1983, long before what it is today. When I started Geocaching the two appeared to be a great fit. Geocaching allowed me to visit places in the places the ship was docking that I woul I will combine codes and my numbering system to get fields in User Data 3 which read something like '110xc' (The 110 th planned geocache for the day which is off the main track but is the final co-ordinates) or '007md' (The 7 th planned geocache for the day which has been DNFed a couple of times and is a multi) Region Geocache Challenge? NYS Parks Website/Facebook State Park/Site www.geocaching.com Other: Do you own a NYS Parks Pass? yes no If yes, was the Geocache Challenge the reason for your purchase? yes no Have you completed a NYS Parks Challenge in previous years? yes n A good geocache owner also knows and abides by the guidelines of the geocache listing site being used. Plan your location There are many factors that make a good geocache: location, creative container, theme, puzzle challenge, good SWAG, camouflage, the experience you give to the hider and more Geocaching is an increasingly popular, inclusive, fun and healthy pastime for individuals of all ages. It is also great for groups like families, friends, classes and youth groups working as teams. The sport combines technology with..

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  1. Disable is a type of log used to mark that a geocache is temporarily inactive. A cache that has been disabled is temporarily unable to be found. Caches are typically disabled when there is a maintenance issue. This makes it different than being archived. Disabling is done to let other geocachers know that they should not attempt the cache, but to check back later as the owner is attempting to.
  2. Your username, or your official geocaching calling card, tag, or handle. This name is used to identify yourself as a Geocacher, and a way for your name to travel along with its journey. Your coin's trackable code or number, used as an official way to register your geocoin and follow its progress from cache to cache
  3. Portage park district promotes geocaching for summer 2021. I found it! April Holly Smith called out. Word that she found a geocache along the trail at Towner's Woods Park in Ravenna sparked excitement in the group traveling with her. Most of them were novices, either new to the experience or newly rediscovering it
  4. A geocache may be hiding there. Use the hints and recent log posts on the geocache's online listing to help you. The names of geocaches are often clues as well. Geocachers have a good reputation for being conscientious in terms of litter and site compaction, and caring for natural places

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Archive is the term used to indicate a geocache that is no longer available for hunting. A cache that has been archived means that the geocache has been permanently removed. The only way one can re-enable the geocache is by contacting a Reviewer or Lackey. (Lackeys should be contacted only as a last resort). If a cache has a Needs Archived log submitted, the local Reviewers will receive. [Geocaching] has been around for a long time, so obviously, activity ebbs and flows. But the community has seen an influx of people starting accounts primarily due to COVID, Pierno says

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Your Geocaching user name will also be your identity here. If you haven't yet, please join Geocaching.com. Clicking on the following button will direct you to the Geocaching.com website where you will authorize use of your Geocaching.com account to LonelyCache. All use of your Geocaching account will be per your direction Find 3 Geocaches in your area, at least one of which must be a regular (traditional) cache. 1. _____ 2. _____ 3. _____ 10.Write about your geocache find in your logbook on a geocache website. 11.Discuss Matthew 6:19-21 and Jeremiah 29:13 and compare them to geocaching. 12.Discuss safety concernns you should consider when geocaching After you find the geocache and correctly open the combination lock, log your name and comments inside the geocache then trade a trinket of equal or greater value. Find the letter inside the cache and write it in the corresponding historic site location box on the grid of your GeoTour Time Travel Ticket. Find all the caches to reveal the message Geocaches. A geocache is like a hidden treasure. Geocaching is when you hunt for hidden treasures using GPS coordinates posted online by those hiding the geocache. Child Topics: Downloading Geocaches. Filtering the Geocache List

You can use hints or clues, such as a description or coordinates, to help you find a geocache. While navigating to a geocache, select the geocache name. Select an option: To view details about the geocache, select Description. To view a clue about a geocache location, select Hint. To view latitude and longitude for a geocache, select Coordinates Pano2VR in the Wild - A Geocaching Tour. February 2, 2021. If you follow our posts here, you may already know that a VR tour does not necessarily have to be a tour that moves from room to room. A tour can showcase items (like a gallery or museum), an interactive menu, and it can also be a game, to name a few options Geocaching is a worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasure by following GPS coordinates. In its simplest form, a cache contains a logbook. The logbook contains information from the owner of the cache, notes from visitors and can contain much valuable, rewarding, and entertaining information. Larger caches may contain a logbook and any number. Importing a Geocache from a Connected Garmin Device. Before you can import a geocache to My Collection, you must have a geocache loaded on your Garmin ® GPS device. Connect a Garmin GPS device that contains geocache data to your computer. Transfer the geocache data from the device ( Transferring Data from a Connected Device)

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The first thing you need to do is create a free account at Geocaching.com. Pick a caching name and a password, and create your account. You'll need to give a valid e-mail address, but fear not. Geocaching.com does not spam, and you can turn off any newsletters or announcements whenever you would like. Validate your account by clicking on the e. Geocaching Stamp for Dog Lovers, Geocache Name Stamp, Self-Inking Pocket Stamp for Geocacher, Geocaching Gift, Kit, Supplies Our geocaching stamp is a great way to leave your mark at even site you find. Also a great gift for the geocacher in your life. ----- T H E - B A S I C

Geocaches. Downloading Geocaches Using a Computer; Navigating to a Geocache. Logging the Attempt; chirp. Enabling chirp Searching; Sending and Receiving Data Wirelessly; Setting a Proximity Alarm; Selecting a Profile; Area Calculation. Calculating the Size of an Area; Satellite Page. GPS Satellite Settings; Garmin Adventures. Sending Files to. Geocaching is an app that you can use to participate in the practice with the same name. It involves searching for treasures hidden around the city, with clues from other app users. Download the app and become a modern-day treasure hunter. Geocaching is based on a simple philosophy—some users hide treasures somewhere around their city and. Select Setup > Geocaching > Filter Setup > Create Filter. Select items to filter. Select an option: To apply the filter to the geocache list, select Search. To save the filter, select . After it is saved, the filter is automatically named. You can access the custom filter from the geocaches list. Parent Topic

Find the top rated geocaching trails in Iowa, whether you're looking for an easy short geocaching trail or a long geocaching trail, you'll find what you're looking for. The Bloomington Road Trail is a shared use path along the road of the same name. The trail is located in Ames, near the northern city limits. It provides a safe, car. Official Large Geocache with Logbook and Pencil - Green Camo. $11.99. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Official Medium Geocache with Logbook and Pencil - Desert Camo. $8.99. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Official Medium Geocache with Logbook and Pencil - Green Camo Geocaches. Downloading Geocaches Using a Computer; Navigating to a Geocache. Logging the Attempt; chirp. Enabling chirp Searching; Sending and Receiving Data Wirelessly; Setting a Proximity Alarm; Calculating the Size of an Area; Additional Main Menu Tools; GPS and Other Satellite Systems. Satellite Page. Changing the Satellite View; Turning. Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Go on a treasure hunt. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location

geocache definition: 1. a hidden container with small prizes for people to find using GPS: 2. to take part in the. Learn more Geocache containers. Get these great containers for your geocaching hides: Sort By: Magnet, Rare Earth 10x3mm dimg-cp-10x3 $0.99 : Magnet, Rare Earth 10x3mm - 3 set dimg-cp-10x3-3 $2.97 $2.68 : Geocache Bag - heavy duty 4x8 gi-ul-s17774 $0.69 : Geocache Bag - heavy duty 4x8 - 5 set gi-ul-s17774-5. Operation Recreation Geotour. The Operation Recreation GeoTour hosted by Geocaching.com, stretches from Pensacola to Key West and includes 71 of the First Three Time National Gold Medal Award Winning Florida State Parks and Trails. Visit 20 caches and win the Official Operation Recreation Geocoin. Download and print the Official Tracking Sheet to begin your adventure

GPS and Navigation - Geocaching. GPS Writing Assignment; GPS - Geocaching Extra Credit Assignment; Rockets; Hot Air Balloons. Hot Air Balloon Learning Standards; Crash Test Dummies - The Scrambled Eggs Project; Cigar Box Guitars. Cigar Box Guitar Files; Assembly Directions; More History of the Cigar Box Guitar; Sounds of a Cigar Box Guitar. Geocaching at Indiana DNR Properties What is geocaching? Geocaching is a sport that is a little like hide-and-seek on a landscape scale for outdoor enthusiasts. Individuals place a cache, which is generally a small container with a logbook and pencil and maybe a few small trinket items, in a specific location

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Type in the name of the school's suburb and show students the geocaches in the area. Hint that you can use a Smart phone with a geocaching app to go geocaching Alabama State Parks Geocaching Challenge. Cache information Name: Lake Guntersville State Park Cache type: Unknown Coordinates: N 34º 23.464 W 086º 12.727 Difficulty: 2.5 Terrain: 2.0 Geocaching is an outdoor adventure game similar to a treasure hunt played with a GPS device that uses satellites to find the treasures

1 Welcome to the Geocache Puzzle Spoilers Wiki 2 Puzzle Caches By Nation 3 Poland 4 United States 5 Puzzle Caches by Regions of Spain 6 Puzzle caches by Region in Italy 7 Puzzle Cache by States in Brazil 8 Puzzle Caches By Prefecture in Japan By Appointment, Fine Purveyors of Puzzle Cache solutions and Gratis Distribution since 2001. As always, this service is free of charge. You can find. Trackables are a special type of object found within geocaches that contain a unique tracking code. 1 Types of Trackables 2 What to do if you find a trackable 3 Logging Trackables Online 4 What if it's MISSING? 5 Purchasing There are two main types of trackables, a Travel Bug and a Geocoin. Travel bugs resemble dog tags and are usually attached to objects. Geocoins resemble actual coins. Geocaches on Magellan Explorist 210 ™ are implemented as a special type of waypoint. These waypoints can have longer names, but they also contain the container type, the difficulty, terrain, and up to 50 characters of the hint as well as the ability to be turned off and on in bulk and the abilty to mark them as 'found' on the unit Apr 30, 2021 - Cool geocache container ideas and unique hides. You may also want to check out my new board dedicated to creative micro caches; small geocache ideas will now be posted there. See more ideas about geocaching, geocaching containers, creative

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According to the www.geocaching.com website, geocaching (pronounced GEE-o-cash-ing) is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunt using a GPS-enabled device (e.g. smart phone). Participants navigate to a specific set of coordinates and then attempt to find a geocache (container) hidden at that location. Geocaches can be found all over the world and. The Washington State A.P.E. Cache just turned 20, so it seems like a good time to look back on some A.P.E. Cache History. Mission 9: Tunnel of Light was hidden on July 18, 2001 and is located in the Cascade Mountains, just outside of Seattle. Many geocachers choose to walk through the 2-mile-long Tunnel of Light to visit this last remaining A.P.E. cache in North America 5. UK Geocaching. Cambridge, England, United Kingdom About Blog Lee, who caches as FireStars, hails from Cambridgeshire in the UK and with over 1700 finds has plenty of stories to tell. He is also in the very enviable position of owning geocaching.co.uk where he hosts his blogs, videos and useful geocaching info

annual Geocache Challenge. Come discover and explore the Central Region. Encompassing a 9,000-square-mile area, it ranges from the shores of Lake Ontario in the north, to the Pennsylvania state line in the south. The physical beauty of the glacially carved lakes, valleys, waterfalls, and mountains is stunning To find state park geocache locations, you can search by the park name or the region name from the Geocaching website, or see a bookmarked list of all of the caches in the challenge. There can be a lot of fun in finding even one of the caches, but the true challenge is to find them ALL


Log on or set-up a geocache account at www.geocaching.com. From there you are able to search any zip code you would like. For example, Woodstock, Virginias zip code is 22664. From there, click on a geocache to see its name and coordinates. Plug those coordinates into your GPS unit or your google search bar. When you find the geocache, sign the lo Geocaching on FWC Lands. Geocaching, an activity that blends traditional hiking and scavenger hunting, is growing in popularity. Geocaching is allowed on FWC managed properties within certain guidelines.. These guidelines were developed to protect wildlife, our natural resources and you Proposed location of geocache including park name and specific placement within park c. Description of the container including size, materials, etc. d. Item(s) to be stored in the container. 2. Geocache must adhere to the following guidelines for approval. a. Geocaches shall comply with all guidelines established by www.geocaching.com. b Find the top rated geocaching trails in California, whether you're looking for an easy short geocaching trail or a long geocaching trail, you'll find what you're looking for. Click on a geocaching trail below to find trail descriptions, trail maps, photos, and reviews. As its name suggests, the Alamo Canal Trail can be found adjacent to the.

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On geocaching.com, your geocache listing will be reviewed by a fellow geocacher. These volunteer reviewers are appointed by geocaching.com or Opencache.uk. On terracaching.com, your geocaches will be reviewed and published by the two geocachers that sponsored you upon your registration. Follow these simple steps on how to place a great geocache Natural Wonders of the World Trackable Tag- Guanabara Bay. $4.99. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Natural Wonders of the World Trackable Tag- Aurora Polaris. $4.99. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Year of the Metal Ox Geocoin

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Choose any geocache from the list and click on its name. Enter the coordinates of the geocache into your GPS Device (you can use your smart phone or a device such as a Garmin). Drive or walk to the location and use GPS to assist you in finding the hidden geocache. When you find the cache, sign the logbook inside the cache container and return. Looking for the best Geocaching trails around Michigan? Find the top rated geocaching trails in Michigan, whether you're looking for an easy short geocaching trail or a long geocaching trail, you'll find what you're looking for. Click on a geocaching trail below to find trail descriptions, trail maps, photos, and reviews Geocaching Stamp, Geocache Name Stamp, Self-Inking Pocket Stamp for Geocacher, Geocaching Gift, Kit, Supplies CS-10378 ThePrintMint 5 out of 5 stars (5,316) $ 21.95. Add to Favorites Quick view Ready to hide Simple Geocache JayBakerDesigns 5 out of 5 stars (36. Unlock even more adventure with Geocaching Premium: Find any geocache in the world, including Premium-only caches. Filter geocaches by size, type, difficulty, terrain, and found/owned. Sort lists of geocaches by distance, Favorite points, or geocache name. Geocache anywhere, anytime with offline maps

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Operation Recreation Geotour. Operation Recreation GeoTour, hosted by Geocaching.com, stretches from Pensacola to Key West and includes 71 Florida state parks and trails.Visit 20 caches and win the official Operation Recreation Geocoin. Download and print the official tracking sheet to begin your adventure. Remember to cache and save with unlimited entry for a year with the Florida State Parks. Geocaching GIFF abbreviation meaning defined here. What does GIFF stand for in Geocaching? Get the top GIFF abbreviation related to Geocaching Find the top rated geocaching trails in New York, whether you're looking for an easy short geocaching trail or a long geocaching trail, you'll find what you're looking for. Click on a geocaching trail below to find trail descriptions, trail maps, photos, and reviews Explore geocaching trails on TrailLink.com. Use our comprehensive trail guides with descriptions, photos, and reviews to plan your next geocaching trail adventure. Here you'll find long-distance trails in both remote regions of the West and in populated parts of the East and Midwest Geocaching is built upon the idea of bringing people to places where they wouldn't be otherwise. Roth, who is white, acknowledged that race can play a role in how people poking around such places are perceived. Geocaching is just one small part of that. It will take a fundamental shift in society to get rid of that bias, he said management of Geocaching activities in State Parks that ensures resource protection and visitor safety, while encouraging a responsible and healthy recreational activity. a. The placement of objects for retrieval, recognition or exchange within park boundaries is name and contact information for the person placing the item