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At first, Portra included speeds of 160 and 400 in two variations: Vivid Color (VC) and Natural Color (NC). Later they would release an 800 speed Portra and a C-41 B&W Portra. And then, to make decisions harder, Kodak introduced the Ultra Color (UC) film in ISOs of 100 and 400. UC was not a Portra film but was intended to be more saturated than. Kodak Portra 400 NC . Fuji Pro 400H . Kodak Portra 400 NC . How about an extreme situation? A dark room, dim artificial light and I only had a roll of Kodak E100G. The meter was reading 1/30 for f4 and I shot at 1/60. I didn't had much faith in the final result so I asked the lab to cross-process it Portra 400 was introduced back in 1998. At that time, Kodak made natural (NC) and vivid (VC) versions. They quickly won over portrait and wedding photographers for outstanding grain structure and speed. Then, at the end of 2010, Kodak merged the two emulsions together to create the New Portra 400 Kodak's Professional Portra 160 & 400 VC And NC; Four New Films For The Working Pro Steve Anchell | May 1, 2007 One of the films that stood out were the Kodak Professional Portra color negative emulsions, which in the last 10 years have become a favorite for photographers worldwide The only films I have had grain problems with are (all in 35mm) Portra 800 , and Portra 400 UC. If you want get rid of that problem, you may want to consider medium format. As for paper, it really depends on what you want in the end. I use Kodak papers. Kodak suggests that you match the paper name to the film (portra, supra, ultra)

Film! | Portra 400 in the Snow. 03.10.15. It's almost spring!! Oh I can't wait.. the past few days I've actually been able to wear short sleeves outside without my buns freezing off. But as much as I am longing for spring, there is a part of me that's not ready to let winter go. I've sort of grown attached to winter since I became an. Last semester I shot portra 160vc and nc, 400vc and nc, and 800. All over exposed one stop. There is a distinct difference between saturation and contrast of these two films, some info on how I was evaluating these results are traditional color darkroom prints. Where you only have control of cyan, magenta, yellow and your exposure of your print Hi, Kodak recently announced they are discontinuing Portra 400NC and Portra 400VC, and introducing a new product called Portra 400. Details here: http: global en professional products films portra l?pq-path=2987 The new film should be available by Oc. The Portra family of Kodak professional color-negative films is based on a breakthrough unified film emulsion technology so you get remarkably harmonious results from film to film and shoot to shoot. It doesn t matter how many different Portra films you shoot: Natural Color (NC) or Vivid Color (VC), 160 or 400 speed

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Surface the details of style with KP5. Close. Accoun kodak professional portra 160nc, 160vc, 400nc, 400vc, and 800 films • e-4040 4 Fluorescent and High-Intensity Discharge Lamps Use the color-compensating filters and exposure adjustments in the tables below as starting points to expose PORTRA Film Kodak Portra is a family of daylight-balanced professional color negative films originally introduced in 1998 made mainly for portrait and wedding applications. They are successors of the professional Vericolor films (VPS and VPL), which succeeded Ektacolor films earlier. The films are available in three speeds — 160, 400, and 800 ISO — with the 160 and 400 speed formerly available as.

KODAK PORTRA 400NC, 135-36 PRO. Additional shipping charges may apply. KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA 400NC Film features natural colours and high speed. Use 400NC film for smooth, natural flesh tones and on-camera flash. KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA 400NC Film features natural colours and high speed Not a problem with the ultra-smooth, speedy Kodak Professional Portra 400! It's also ideal for nature, fashion, and travel shots. If you are aiming for exquisite portraits, trust Kodak Portra 400 NC film to give you outstanding results. It yields smooth grain, natural skin tones and bright colors KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA 400 Film Revised 2-16 KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA 400 Film KODAK Publication No. E-4050 KODAK ALARIS • ROCHESTER, NY 14615 CURVES Characteristic Curves Spectral-Sensitivity Curves Exposure: Daylight Densitometry: Status M Log H Ref: -1.44-4.0 -3.0 -2.0 -1.0 0.0 1.0 E4040C 0.0 DENSITY 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 B G R LOG EXPOSURE.

Portra 400 is an absolutely classic film stock and gives you a 'vintage' feel to your images that is awash with nostalgia. The only problem is the price. However, after hunting around online, I can only find it a few pounds cheaper on some of the 'online auction sites' and to be honest, I don't trust the expiration dates etc. - so happy to pay. What fewer know is that the line began in 1998 with the arrival of Kodak Portra 160 NC, Kodak Portra 160 VC, Kodak Portra 400 NC, and Kodak Portra 400 VC, Maldonado writes. To promote the. Back when Kodak Portra had different variations one was Portra NC, the NC stands for natural color. These are rolls of 120 film which is meant for use in medium format cameras. The rolls have all expired in April of 2005. They have been cold stored since the beginning of 2021, storage beforehand i Portra 400 is a daylight balanced color negative film made by Kodak. There have been four different versions made since it was introduced in 1998: the original film (1998-2000), 400NC and 400VC (2000-2011), and the current version (2011 to present)

Link to larger version -> Kodak Portra 400 B Uncorrected mix light - CF bulb and window lighting Link to larger version -> Kodak Portra 400 C A couple of other samples of uncorrected longer exposure modes greater then a few seconds. Links to larger versions -> Kodak Portra 400 D & Kodak Portra 400 Kodak Portra 400NC. 202 likes. RIP and may you live on in our hearts So in 2010, Kodak Portra 400 NC and Kodak Portra VC 400 both ceased to exist as they merged together and became the simple, singular Kodak Portra 400 we have today. The same streamlining happened with the ISO 160 Portra a year later, while the ISO 800 Portra was only ever available in a single version anyway The new PORTRA 400 is the world's finest grain high-speed color negative film. At true ISO 400 speed, this film delivers spectacular skin tones plus exceptional color saturation over a wide range of lighting conditions Nice lil photo drive through Tryon and Forest City with my Mamiya 645 Pro TL and some Portra 400Follow me:instagram.com/jawshallentwitter.com/jawshallenAll p..

Kodak Portra is a family of daylight-balanced professional colour negative films made mainly for portrait and wedding applications.The films are available in three speeds — 160, 400, and 800 ISO — with the 160 and 400 speed formerly available as natural color (NC) and vivid color (VC) varieties before the 2011 update 5 PACK Kodak Professional Portra 400 Color Negative Film (120 Roll Film, 5 Pack) $59.95. Free shipping. Free shipping Free shipping. 107 sold

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  1. Kodak Portra 400 NC 120mm film 02/2012 This particular film is hard to find now. Due to the age of this film there will be noise (more grain). You should also shoot this film at 200 iso due to the amount of years this film is expired (1 stop for every ten years expired)
  2. Top Rated Gear: Kodak Portra 400-NC 220 Color Negative Film ISO 400, 220 Size, MFR: P400NC220
  3. The Portra 400 we know today has not been around for very long and yet I would argue it encapsulates the entire look and feel to film. Its predeccesors were the 'NC' and 'VC' varieties and in 2010 Kodak consolidated these lines into 1, the Portra 400 as we know it now. At that time, they made multiple improvements, incorporating.
  4. Hey guys, I just came back from a trip in Norway with some film to scan, mostly kodak portra 400 NC. Im scanning the 35mm film with a Nikon Coolscan V, with wich Im still not too familiar. In fact I recently posted here about my dislike with the amount of grain I was getting from it in BW scans..
  5. Shot with my Mamiya RB67 on Kodak Portra 120 and 400. Continue Reading. Welcome to My Photo Blog. Thank you for visiting my photoblog. My name is Enno ter Keurst, live in the Netherlands Europe and I am in daily life a IT Architect. I am a regular photography enthusiast, who shoots for the sheer joy of it. Started photography at the age of 10.
  6. So Portra 400 is not only a slightly faster film than Portra 160, it has more saturation and contrast as well. I don't think you could go as far as to say that Portra 160 is the same as the old NC emulsion and Portra 400 the same as the old VC, but they certainly tend a little towards that
  7. Kodak Portra 400 NC Kodak Portra 400 NC 6x6 Kodak Portra 400 VC Kodak Portra 400 VC 6x6 Kodak Portra 800 Kodak Portra 800 6x6: Kodak Pro Image 100 Kodak Professional 400 6x6 Kodak Professional Ektar 100 Kodak Royal Gold 100 Kodak Royal Gold 200 Kodak Royal Gold 400 Kodak Royal Gold 1000 Kodak Supra 10

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Kodak Portra 400 Overview: Kodak Portra 400 is an extremely versatile professional film available in 35mm and 120. It loves light and handles highlights and detail retention extremely well. Rating at ISO 200 and metering for the shadows or midtones will give beautiful, warm colors and natural skin tones I bought two pro-packs each of Portra 400 and 160 today at B&H. Just trying to figure out which will work best for scans and enlargements to 11x14, possibly bigger. Apr 6, 2014 # Kodak Portra 400 NC was my first roll ever on a Mamiya RZ67 Pro II, after that I'm in love with film photography. Daylight balanced film that forgiving and its fantastic for scanning . There was't a single scan that I didn't like with it. I highly recommended to shoot with Portra 400 NC at ISO 200

The Portra family of film was launched in 1998, and available in three speeds - 160, 400, and 800, with the 160 and 400 speeds breaking down further into VC (Vivid Color) and NC (Natural Color) variants, both of which my fellow CP writer Drew covered in an earlier article. The Portra film stocks that are available today are a part of a mid. With Kodak Tri-X 400 (EI 400 / 35mm format / Canon AE-1) Photography: Simply sakura - Fuji Superia Premium 400 After 56 years: The last days of Riviera Salon on Kodak Portra 400 Portra 400 BW Geeks Facts. Portra 400 BW was a black and white negative film designed to be processed in normal C41 chemistry alongside rolls of color film, and printed on standard color paper. Ilford make XP2, which is a black and white film that can also be processed in c41 chemistry Kodak Portra is a family of daylight-balanced professional color negative films originally introduced in 1998 made mainly for portrait and wedding applications. [They are successors of the professional Vericolor films (VPS and VPL), which succeeded Ektacolor films earlier.The films are available in three speeds — 160, 400, and 800 ISO — with the 160 and 400 speed formerly available as.

This is why Portra 400 is able to replace two existing films, Portra 400 NC and VC. It is easy to be cynical about this, and to suggest that Kodak doesn't care anymore about film, but a moment's thought will show this to be nonsensical The image immediately above is Portra 400 (at rated 400). The color is - to me and my eyes - wonderful. It's subdued, not bombastic and garish. It's much more real than say, Velvia or Ektachrome 100VS (we'll get to that wonderful emulsion in a later post). Portra carries with it - again, to me - a sense of America Kodak Portra 160, 400, 800. Kodak TMAX 3200. Kodak Tri-X 400. Fuji Neopan 1600. Fuji Superia 100, 400, 800, 1600. Fuji Ilford Delta 3200. Kodak Portra 160 NC, 160 VC, 400 NC, 400 UC, 400 VC. Polaroid PX-70. Polaroid PX100UV. Polaroid PX-680. Polaroid Time Zero (Expired) Fuji FP-100c. Fuji FP-3000b. Polaroid 665. Polaroid 669. Polaroid 690. Fuji. Overview. For years, professional photographers have preferred KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA Films because of their consistently smooth, natural reproduction of the full range of skin tones. In that same tradition, the new PORTRA 400 Film is the ideal choice for portrait and fashion photography, as well as for nature, travel and outdoor photography, where the action is fast or the lighting cant be.

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The Fuji equivalent to the Portra line is the NPx. Portra 160NC ~ Fuji 160 NPS Portra 160VC ~ Fuji 160 NPC Portra 400NC ~ Fuji 400 NPH Portra 400VC ~ Fuji 400 NPZ. I found the Portra films give me a better scan than the consumer films too (maybe because of the T-GRAIN emulation of the film). You may still want to overexpose 2/3 to 1 full stop Film Friday - April 16th, 2021. Kodak Portra 400. We are always cautious of hyperbole in our line of work. Photography is a highly subject business and each photographer has strong feelings as to the best camera, best film, best developer, etc. Having said that, we would hazard to say that Kodak Portra 400 is the king of color films Portra is good to excellent for people, portraits, weddings, botanical flower shots, and landscapes. I like 160 at least as well as the more popular 400 because it is cheaper (currently $40 for 5 compared to $48 for 5 rolls of 36 with 400), has finer grain, seems to render bright mid day sun better than Portra 400 Fuji Superia 100/400/800/1600; Ilford Delta 3200; Kodak Portra 160 NC/VC; Kodak Portra 400 NC/UC/VC; New(er) Film Stock Emulation Then I took a look at some newer film stocks as well: New(ish) film stock emulations, lowest setting. The films available with this set are: Fuji 160C; Fuji 400H; Fuji 800Z; Ilford HP5; Kodak Portra 160/400/800.

Kodak Farbwelt 400 Kodak Farbwelt 800 Kodak Gold 100 Kodak Gold 200 Kodak Gold 200-126 Kodak Gold Max 400 Kodak MAX 400 Kodak Max Zoom 800 Kodak Plus-X 125 6x6 Kodak Plus-X 125 Kodak Pro Image 100 Kodak Portra 800 Kodak Portra 800 6x6 Kodak Portra BW 400 Kodak Portra 160 NC Kodak Portra 160 NC 6x6 Kodak Portra 160 VC Kodak Portra 160 VC 6x6. Overview. Built exclusively for professional photographers, the new Kodak Portra 400 135-36 Professional Film 5 Pack is the world's best and most rapid colored grain negative film. At a magnificent ISO speed of 400, the new Portra 400 135-36 provides exceptional color saturation and spectacular skin tones over a myriad lighting scenarios. For eons, the most experienced of photographers have. Portra 400 made its debut just over 2 decades ago and originally came in two variants: VC for vivid color and NC for natural color. Since 1998, Portra 400 has evolved from VC and NC. Kodak Portra 400 VC 120mm is a medium-format film that was discontinued, or rather, upgraded last year. It has been replaced by the new Kodak Portra 400 film, which promises finer film grain and better contrast. But as it was gradually phased out, it should still be on sale at some shops if you want to give it a try

Portra 400 (2011) Film effect emulation of this epic one introduced in 2011 to replace NC and VC, incorporating advances from Kodak Vision Motion Pictures. 106 After last update to our Lightroom 4/5 Presets Collections it is a right time to update also our Free Lightroom Presets. They are now 3 original presets ( Portra 400NC, Analog 400 and Pastel Tone ) + 15 presets from Delicious Control Collection. They support both RAW & JPEG within each preset and are compatible with Lightroom 4 and Lightroom 5 bet Film Review: Kodak Portra 400 NC Films , Expired , Kodak Portra 400 NC / 2 minutes of reading During the weekend I went out with my friend Alexander Pollnow to explore the streets of Shanghai, in the past we did some project together Kodak Portra 400 Best Uses: Kodak Portra 400 is often considered the most standard of the films. It's not a bad idea to shoot it at ISO 200 and develop it at ISO 320 It didn't take kodak long at all, due to the superiority of its new Portra 400 eating into the 160 market. This new film falls in line with the New Portra standards; even color renditioning, super fine resolution, and amazing flexibility! We have shot both the 400 and 160 in 35mm and med format, and are elated by the results

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5 roll of Kodak Portra 400 NC 120 film. Expired in 2004. Narc Expired Film The NC stands for Natural Color, which when combined with Portra's medium contrast makes this film excellent for weddings, still lifes, portraits, and other situations where natural skin tones are a must. Long a favorite of pros and amateurs alike, Portra 400 takes your color negative photography to new levels 3 พ.ค. 2017 - สำรวจบอร์ด kodak portra 400 ของ Attavee Buanitisin บน Pinterest ดูไอเดียเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับ การถ่ายภาพ, ความคิด, ความคิดเห็ Kodak Portra 400 BW 20.00. Kodak Portra 160 NC 15.00. Kodak TMax 100 4.90. sold out. Kodak Gold 200 6.50. Kodak TMax 400 4.90. sold out. Kodak Vericolor III 10.00. Fujifilm Reala CS 220 12.00. Ilford Delta 3200 11.90. sold out. Fujifilm NPS220. 1998 Promotional Video for Kodak Portra Film is a Blast from the Pas

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for NEW 7 Rolls Kodak 120 Portra NC 400-ISO Color Negative Film C-41 Expired 2007 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Kodak - Portra 160NC Pro. The consistent choice for beautiful portraits at any moment. It could be the pose you've lit meticulously. Or a subject that's suddenly in perfect light. In either situation, you can capture every detail with Kodak Portra 160-speed films. They have a very fine grain Portra merupakan pengganti filem Vericolor (VPS dan VPL), yang sebelum ini juga menggantikan filem Ektacolor. Filem ini tersedia dalam tiga kelajuan, iaitu ISO 160, 400 dan 800 - kelajuan 160 dan 400 secara rasmi tersedia sebagai varian natural color (NC) dan vivid color (VC) sebelum pembaharuan pada tahun 2011 Shop with us for the Kodak Portra 400 NC 220 Professional Color Print Film (ASA 400) USA. Thank you for shopping at East Coast Photo. At East Coast Photo we carry the Kodak Portra 400 NC 220 Professional Color Print Film (ASA 400) USA among our huge selection of photography equipment and supplies. Please feel free to call us at 800-920-3001 for any questions or if you do not find an item you.

All Cameras >> Kodak >> Kodak Portra 400 NC Kodak Portra 400 NC Film Sample Photos: Random Kodak Portra 400 NC Samples from 925 available Photos more. Comments All photos are copyrighted and may not be used without permission from the photographer ISO 400/27° in C-41 Process. Very Fine Grain, VISION Film Technology. High Color Saturation, Low Contrast. Kodak's Professional Portra 400 is a high-speed daylight-balanced color negative film offering a smooth and natural color palette that is balanced with vivid saturation and low contrast for accurate skin tones and consistent results

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  1. Looking for articles, tips, guidance, and knowledge on Kodak Portra 400NC? We've got you covered here on EMULSIVE. Click through to see them all
  2. Then, last year, we got Kodak Portra 400 - a replacement for the old Portra 400 NC and VC stocks. Finally this year we have Kodak Portra 160 - a replacement for 160 NC and VC. It's supposedly based on Kodak's 'Vision 3' movie film which has had millions of pounds of investment over the last decade (and is still used for most motion pictures)
  3. Still, the grain in 400 Portra is not 250% larger than in 160 Portra, so the 6X9 is the right choice if grain is your concern. As observed above, however, whether you can hand-hold the bigger camera as well as the 35 is another issue, that may matter more to image quality. I happen to really like the Porta 400NC myself, and have found it to.
  4. Kodak Portra 160 and 400 films are still produce as of today. I recent purchased 5 cartons from B and H and the expiry date is May, 2017.Although I am using the Sony A7ii d-cam, I impressed that Kodak Portra 160 can outcome a smooth skin tone and detail better than D-Cam . Also, shooting a film photo must think about it before pressing a shuttle
  5. Using Portra 400, I wanted to retain a bit more saturation for this landscape scene so I average metered the foreground at 320 and shot just like that. The result was a bit less overexposure than I have done in the other images which also allowed the warm colors in the bright sky to come through

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r/analog. Film Photography subreddit. Ask anything about analog photography, share photos, discuss techniques, gear or famous photographers. 1.1m. Members. 599. Online. Created Jul 24, 2009. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts Portra 160 has the same color saturation and contrast as 160NC and finer grain than NC or VC. Those who need more film speed may be relieved to know that Kodak still offers Portra 400 and 800, both of which are fine films in their own right. Interestingly enough, Portra 160 has slightly lower acutance than either its predecessors or Portra 400

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When Kodak announced that they were consolidating their VC and NC emulsions for Portra 160 and 400, a lot of photographers, myself included, were convinced the end was near. The beginning of the end of Kodak film. That end is likely coming, but until then, Kodak has brought us New Portra 400. The most amazing and versatile color negative fil Kodak PROFESSIONAL PORTRA 400NC color film - 135 (35 mm) - ISO 400 - 36 - 5 rolls overview and full product specs on CNET To see reviews of the other films in the Portra family, go here for Portra 400 and here for Portra 800. To see a more formal comparison of Portra 160 with the other two members of the Portra family (Experiment 2), go here. In all honesty, I have a love-hate relationship with Portra 160. Ever

Tag Kodak Portra NC 400 ASA « Back to blog. at Adelaide airport. I'd flown into Adelaide from spending several days in Wellington, New Zealand, on a photo trip and I was waiting for Suzanne to pick me up. She had driven up from Victor Harbor to pick me up, but was running late as she was battling the afternoon commuter traffic that was going. Preset: Kodak Portra 400 Nc - [Download .png HaldCLUT] or [Download .cube] Kodak Portra 400 Nc - Preset: Kodak Portra 400 Nc [ Download .png HaldCLUT ] or [ Download .cube Kodak Portra 160NC 70mm x 400ft. * The film is double perforated, Roll length 400ft 122m, not 100ft, weight about 5 ponds. ** Retail price $600+; $495 for the first one, $455 for the second one, $395 ea for 8 pcs. keep in cool place, process before 05/2007 RawTherapee Color Kodak - Kodak Portra 400 NC 3 +.cube RawTherapee Color Kodak - Kodak Portra 400 NC 4 ++.cube RawTherapee Color Kodak - Kodak Portra 400 UC 1 -.cub

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At East Coast Photo we carry the Kodak Portra 400NC 404 100 Ft. 35mm Professional Color Print Film (ASA 400) Perforation. among our huge selection of photography equipment and supplies. Please feel free to call us at 800-920-3001 for any questions or if you do not find an item you are looking for The new version of Portra 400 was introduced in late 2010. This film essentially combined the old NC (natural colour) and VC (vivid colour) versions while incorporating some technical advances from the Kodak Vision motion picture films. Additionally, Kodak Vision technology makes Portra an excellent film to scan Kodak PROFESSIONAL PORTRA 400NC color film - 70 mm x 100' roll - ISO 400 overview and full product specs on CNET

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5 Frames with Expired Portra 160 NC 220 in a Bronica ETRSi - By Robert Launder. January 9, 2021. Sometime around the early 2000s, my grandpa purchased a Bronica ETRSi outfit. As he was already in his early sixties and in poor health, he never had much of a chance to use it. After a few years, he gave the entire outfit to my dad, who primarily. Viva (Pentax 67 l 105mm 2.4 l Expired Portra 400 NC) : analog. 139. Posted by. u/magicwaffl3. POTW 2017-W47. 2 years ago. Archived

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Each film has a set unchanging ISO such as Kodak Portra 400 is ISO 400, that ISO cannot be changed. As one underexposes film, in the example, they are rating a 400 speed film at a higher speed than the film is designed to handle thus underexposing by X f/stops Kodak introduced Portra film in 1998. As the name implies, this film was designed for portrait photography, as it produces pleasing skin tones. It came in three ISO options: 160, 400 and 800. The ISO 160 and 400 versions came in two varieties: Neutral Color (NC), which was less saturated, and Vivid Color (VC), whic Film Supply Club - http://filmsupply.club Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/filmsupplyclub---- GEAR LIST -----Best Prices on Film - http://filmsup..

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Kodak Portra 800 came into the world in 1998 along with Portra 400 and Portra 160. The three films took over for Kodak's previous professional color film: Vericolor. Early on Portra 400 and 160 were divided into the NC (natural/neutral color) and VC (vivid color) branches while Portra 800 was just Portra 800 This item: Kodak Portra 400 35m 36exp Film Professional 5 Pack £55.99. In stock on March 1, 2021. Order it now. Sent from and sold by Amazon. FREE Delivery in the UK. Details. Kodak Portra 400 120 Roll Film Professional 5 Pack £48.99. Temporarily out of stock. Sent from and sold by Amazon Portra merupakan suksesor film Vericolor (VPS dan VPL), yang sebelumnya juga menggantikan film Ektacolor. Film ini tersedia dalam tiga kecepatan, yakni ISO 160, 400, dan 800 — kecepatan 160 dan 400 secara resmi tersedia sebagai varian natural color (NC) dan vivid color (VC) sebelum pembaruan pada tahun 2011