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Patients often ask why one would prefer tumescent liposuction to VASER liposuction, or the reverse for that matter. There is evidence that VASER assisted liposuction can result in less injury to the surrounding tissue, quicker healing time, and better skin contraction Liposuction techniques have evolved over time, and today there are many choices — including the tumescent liposuction and brand name vaser lipo technique. The plastic surgeon will recommended and discuss the liposuction techniques that are right for your body type. Tumescent Liposuction Tumescent Lipo Technique Tumescent Liposuction is the most common type of lipo tha Vaser Hi Def Liposuction This form of Vaser allows for Dr. Millard to remove fat cells and sculpt remaining tissues to tone your body and enhance muscle definition. This technique builds off the basic Vaser method while also including a tumescent fluid. Tumescent fluid is injected into the predetermined area and acts as a local anesthetic

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  1. I know most surgeons seem to use the wet technique with tumescent lipo, but despite vaser being relatively new, the cons seem to be a tad bit less than traditional lipo. I agree that Dr Tavakoli is expensive. I was quoted the below recently: Liposuction 1 area - $5,000 plus GST. Liposuction 2 areas - $8,000 plus GST. Liposuction 3 areas.
  2. More modern Liposuction techniques and technologies involve better anesthesia with tumescence, power assistance and ultrasound assistance (which is what Vaser is).The benefits of Vaser in the hands of a skilled surgeon is to help better define and sculpt the area being worked on
  3. Both traditional liposuction and vaser liposuction use tumescent fluid. During the procedure, a solution of saline, lidocaine, and epinephrine is infiltrated into the area. The saline causes the area to stiffen and swell, which makes it easier to operate. The epinephrine makes the blood vessels constrict
  4. Traditional liposuction uses motion — the back and forth movement of a cannula — to dislodge fat cells before removing them using suction. VASER Liposuction is a form of ultrasound-assisted liposuction. VASER Lipo is tumescent lipo with an added step to liquefy fat cells before they are suctioned out
  5. imally invasive procedure, the recovery time is significantly shorter than traditional liposuction's. The technique results in less bleeding, pain, and bruising
  6. Tumescent Lipo vs. Laser Assisted Lipo. While the concept of removing unwanted fat deposits from the body hasn't changed all that much, the procedural options have. Today, fat is removed using mechanical manipulation, ultrasound energy, and laser technology. including traditional tumescent, vaser, and smart lipo
  7. SmartLipo and Vaser are commonly described as two different forms of liposuction. But more accurately, SmartLipo and Vaser should be described as two different tools used during a liposuction procedure. These liposuction tools have many similarities, and their primary function is the same: liquefying fat so that it can be more easily suctioned from th

The Main Differences Between SmartLipo and Vaser. While both procedures use the tumescent liposuction technique, the main difference is, as was previously stated, the type of tools used. SmartLipo is also known as laser-assisted liposuction and uses the laser to additionally melt the fat deposits prior to being suctioned away One of the main differences between vaser lipo and laser lipo is the variation in tissues targeted by each procedure. Tissue selectivity is more precise with vaser lipo than with smart lipo.. The ultrasound energy employed in vaser lipo specifically targets only fatty tissues in the treatment area Tumescent fluid is used in most types of liposuction these days, however, Vaser is the only technology that requires tumescent fluid to be present, as the ultrasound energy is transmitted to the fat cells via this fluid Tumescent liposuction provides all the fat removal and body contouring benefits of liposuction but decreases the associated risks and offers a better outcome than traditional methods.. Acclaimed dermatologic surgeon Jeffrey Klein, MD, provides tumescent liposuction at his thriving practice — HK Dermatology in San Juan Capistrano, California

Traditional Liposuction versus WaterLipo®. Usually general anesthesia - gas, sometimes IV sedation. Tumescent technique with the lowest rate of complications documented in the medical literature. Greatest patient satisfaction documented in the medical literature. Desired improvement with greater proven safety Vaser Lipo vs. Smartlipo. If Vaser Lipo uses sound to loosen and remove fat, then Smartlipo uses LASER technology to melt fat away from the body. Both are minimally invasive surgeries that remove fat, but their results can vary. Here are some differences between Vaser Lipo and Smartlipo according to certified experts from Realself.com Tumescent liposuction is a technique that softens fat, making it easier to extract. VASER technology assists with the emulsification of unwanted fat cells, breaking them down even further. Following these steps, the fat will be aspirated through special cannulas and your body will be contoured and sculpted

And for a smart body contouring Vaser hi-def lipo sculpture is a fine option. Tumescent Liposuction is the first and traditional technique. This technique introduced tumescent fluid into the tissues, usually mixed with some local anesthetic to help with pain relief and additional small amounts of adrenaline with the tumescent fluid to reduce. Tumescent technique is a standard practice of Denver Liposuction and Vaser treatments. Treated Body Areas by Vaser Liposuction Vaser Liposuction can be used on just about any body part, including the abdomen, buttocks, love handles, thighs, arms, hips, neck, chin, back, ankles and chest Tumescent Liposuction. The word tumescent means firm or swollen. How that applies n the tumescent liposuction is that a large amount of a diluted solution of local anesthesias, usually lidocaine and epinephrine, is injected below the surface of the skin into the fat. This causes the areas to be treated to become swollen and firm, hence tumessed VASER liposuction is performed by inserting ultrasonic probes into the fatty tissue in the desired area. The vibration of the ultrasonic waves replaces the motion of the cannula, loosening the fat cells and emulsifying the tumescent fluid. An aspirator is then used to suction out the tumescent fluid and detached fat cells Vaser liposuction is a revolutionary body sculpting technique that uses ultrasonic energy to break up fat cells and target small pockets of fat for high-definition body reshaping. Vaser liposelection is an elevated form of tumescent liposuction

Get the Facts - Water Lipo® Traditional Liposuction Water Lipo® Pain Control Usually general anesthesia - gas, sometimes IV sedation. Local anesthetic (numbing) Costs Add facility and anesthesia costs Usually less Risks Much higher complication rate Tumescent technique with lowest rate of complications documented in the medical literature. Greatest patient satisfaction documented in the. Vaser liposuction is a minimally invasive treatment, targeting persistent and stubborn fat deposits around the body. As ultrasound technology, it sends out frequency waves to break down fat cells. When the fat cells break down, a suction process removes the fat. Pricing From

https://www.cosmeticsurg.net/blog/2009/06/11/tumescent-liposuction-vs-laser-liposuction-which-is-the-best-video-blog-episode-3/What type of liposuction gives.. Tumescent (Laser) Liposuction in NYC - SmartLipo & VASER Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank is considered one of the best liposuction surgeons in NYC and throughout the world, having performed over 5,000 minimally-invasive and non-invasive fat reduction procedures using all major technologies including laser (SmartLipo and Liposonix), ultrasound (VASER. The latest state-of-the-art liposuction technology for helping you enhance your beauty is Hi-Definition Liposculpture by Vaser, the world leader in body shaping technology. Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics is the only provider of this cutting-edge technology in Western New York. If you are interested in liposculpture in Buffalo, Williamsville and surrounding areas, call today to schedule an.

Tumescent Liposuction vs. SmartLipo. Both tumescent liposuction and SmartLipo remove fat. Tumescent liposuction does so through lidocaine and epinephrine to plump up the surgical area before a doctor suctions the fat with a cannula. SmartLipo also involves a cannula, but it uses laser heat to soften the fat before it's sucked up with the tool Whereas tumescent liposuction relied on mechanical force, Smartlipo is a form of laser lipolysis and Vaser Lipo uses ultrasound energy to emulsify fat. San Jose board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daryl Hoffman owns both devices and uses them to address different body contouring concerns. Laser lipolysis uses a laser to zap the fat cells while. Comparing VASER Lipo vs Regular Liposuction June 12, 2017 by Liposuction is an effective fat removal process, one that many individuals choose if they are having difficulty losing weight through diet and exercise alone

The procedure is also incapable of addressing loose sagging skin. VASER liposuction, known as ultrasound-assisted liposuction, also uses both a cannula and tumescent fluid. In addition to these, it features a special device that emits pulses of low-level ultrasound energy. VASER lipo is not laser lipo Not a doctor; responding to A2A. Regular liposuction typically uses tumescent solution (saline most likely with epinephrine to reduce bleeding and lidocaine to numb) injected in the area to be treated. Vaser does the same. Regular lipo removal.. Tumescent Liposuction. Tumescent liposuction is quite similar to SAL. The only real difference is that larger quantities of anesthesia are used, sufficient to make the targeted cells swell or become tumescent. Tumescent lipo also works nicely in the hands of a skilled surgeon. Liposuction assisted ultrasound (Vaser)

Liposuction vs. Tumescent Liposuction. Sculpts the body by removing stubborn fat in the chin, cheeks, neck, upper arms, abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs and knees. Removes hard-to-remove fat in different areas of the body, but can suction fat with precision. A cannula is inserted via a tiny incision to vacuum layers of fat During VASER liposuction, you'll likely be put under general anesthesia or a form of anesthesia called conscious sedation. A saline solution or tumescent fluid mixed with an anesthetic will be.

VASER liposuction is performed in-office under local anesthesia. First, the area to be reshaped is filled with a tumescent saline solution. Next, a small probe transmits the ultrasound energy to break up and dislodge fat. A thin tube called a cannula, removes the dislodged fat through a gentle suction process. Dr VASERlipo is the perfect alternative to traditional liposuction, using state-of-the-art ultrasound technology to deliver unmatched results. If you're ready to attack your stubborn body fat contact our office for a consultation with Kansas City's best plastic surgeon, Dr. Matt Chhatre. VASERlipo was introduced and has been FDA approved for targeting unwanted fat since 2001

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  1. Answer: Lipo fluid in/out. The in you quoted is tumescent fluid infiltrated which we do for all types of liposuction - ie laser, vaser, rf etc. The out is usually written as total out and fat out - ie 2000 total/1500 fat. There is no way to tell how much of a total out is fat if not noted as this can vary
  2. During traditional liposuction, Dr. Matlock uses the cannula itself to break up fat for removal. This is a more physically-demanding way to break up and remove fat compared to VASER-assisted liposuction and results in less swelling and soreness during recovery. Results. Using the VASER machine during liposuction also stimulates your body's.
  3. In the case of vaser liposuction, tumescent liquid, or a saline solution mixed with anaesthetics, is injected into the body area being treated. Instead of using a cannula and manual movement to break down the fat tissue, vaser liposuction uses ultrasound high frequency vibration to break fat cells apart
  4. VASER Lipo versus Smart Lipo After more than a hundred VASER liposuctions I've performed in the Houston area, the fundamental questions asked by the patients about this surgery have remained the same. Therefore, I've decided to uncover their inquiries in a series of articles, starting by explaining in what this innovative procedure consists and how much it differs from other fat removing.

VASER liposuction vs. SmartLipo is a question that curious body contouring patients ask as they begin their journey to discover which procedure(s) will provide the best results for them. The short answer is: different procedures will be better suited to different patients Because of cavitation, Dr. Smith likes Vaser-assisted (ultrasound-assisted) liposuction for male breast reduction (gynecomastia surgery) and secondary liposuction. Smart lipo vs Airsculpt. Smart Lipo is a brand name given to laser-assisted liposuction. As explained above, the laser energy can contribute to skin tightening, but radiofrequency. Vaser Lipo and laser liposuction are performed using tumescent fluid as well as heat from a laser device that will liquefy the fat cells for easy removal. Both techniques heat the fat from below the dermis. Vaser Lipo provides more of an even distribution of the laser heat than laser liposuction. Traditional liposuction provides some tightening.

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Vaser Liposuction Many people have heard the word 'Vaser' but surprisingly many don't know much about it. Here is the lowdown on why Vaser liposuction represents the new generation of body sculpting cosmetic procedure and why many in-the-know feels it triumphs traditional liposuction on a few fronts Vaser liposelection is an elevated form of tumescent liposuction. The VASER system uses an ultrasound probe attached to the cannula that emits ultrasound waves for dual-action fat removal. When the ultrasound probe is activated as the cannula is worked through the fat layer and the ultrasound energy shakes fat cells loose

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  1. imizing trauma to surrounding tissues
  2. On the other hand, VASER Liposuction emits energy uniformly. This means that instead of having one end of the probe with high energy, this energy is distributed evenly around the probe (5). This allows the VASER to liquefy the fat cells more efficiently than laser allowing the surgeon to remove more fat cells compared than with laser liposuction
  3. VASER Lipo vs. Traditional Lipo. In order to understand the benefits of VASER, it's important to understand the distinction between VASER and traditional lipo. Both are fat removal techniques that begin with an injection of tumescent fluid, but each has a distinctive process that follows. Traditional Lipo -The surgeon makes an incision and.

Smart Lipo and VASER high definition liposuction are indeed considered types of tumescent liposuction where the patient is put under local anesthesia to remove a large fat cell volume. The fat removed is subcutaneous, which is deep below the surface of the skin Vaser or Ultra-sound assisted liposuction Some areas of the body are more ideally suited to Vaser or UAL (Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction) methods. The upper arms, neck, back, abdomen and thighs typically respond well particularly in young patients in their twenties and thirties VASER® Liposuction maybe a better alternative than traditional liposuction, as it uses state-of-the-art ultrasound technology, designed especially for re-shaping the body. This Innovative treatment spills fats and preserves other tissues such as nerves and blood vessels VASER utilizes ultrasound energy for minimally-invasive aesthetic body contouring that yields dramatic results with less pain and downtime of traditional liposuction. Provides surgeons with advanced technology to create dramatic contouring compared to traditional liposuction. Treat multiple areas in a single procedure

Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty, liposculpture suction lipectomy or just lipo. It is a cosmetic surgery operation that removes fat from many different. VASER liposuction is not expensive,it is very affordable. The cost depends on some factors such as: * • Amount of extra fat which is present on your on the on the concerned area. * • Age, Weight and Height of the patient * • Number of Body Part to.. Vaser Liposuction. Vaser Liposuction is a revolutionary, patented technology for eliminating unwanted, stubborn fat in the body*. Vaser Liposuction works by using ultrasonic energy to break up compacted, tough fatty deposits without harming the surrounding organs or tissues; and with minimal pain and discomfort while smoothing the body's curves and contours*

Liposuction. Liposuction is the time-tested fat sculpting technique and has a long record of provided beautiful results for those who want to get rid of stubborn fat deposits. There are many lipo surgeries available today, such as Vaser liposuction and SmartLipo. These two methods are revolutionary and promote a short, comfortable recovery A BETTER WAY TO PERFORM LIPOSUCTION Tucson Cosmetics is one of the first to offer true VASER liposuction. About UsBefore&After ReshapeAny part of your body EliminateRisks RegainConfidence NEW AT TUCSON COSMETICS! VASERLIPO! ONE-OF-A-KIND PRECISION BODY SCULPTING ADVANCING THE ART OF LIPOSUCTION - The VASERLipo Advantage: VASER utilizes ultrasound energy for minimally-invasive aesthetic body. Traditional vs. Vaser Lipo. Dr. Joffily performs both procedures so it may be helpful to know the main differences between the two methods. Vaser is the less invasive and preferred technique by most patients nowadays but it is not suitable for every patient. After tumescent liposuction, there is a certain amount of blood-tinged local.

VASER liposuction vs Traditional liposuction Even though the VASER liposuction is similar to traditional liposuction there are a few differences we must look at. While both methods use similar technology to remove unwanted fat, the VASER liposuction uses ultrasound technology that emulsifies the fat With years of experience performing surgery, Chicago's Liposuction experts get exceptional Tumescent liposuction results to satisfy each patient's desire for a better body. Tumescent liposuction is the modern way to sculpt the body into a more perfect form and make it more pleasing to the eye

VASER liposuction is also one of the most effective ways to eliminate isolated areas of fat from the face and body. Why Us for Your Body Contouring Dr. Sorokin is a body contouring liposuction specialist performing laser, ultrasonic and power-assisted liposuction Traditional Liposuction vs. TriSculpt. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes undesired subcutaneous fat. Through time, liposuction has undergone much advancement, mostly aimed at improving not only the amount of fat that can be removed but with increased safety. Let us compare traditional liposuction with Sono Bello's TriSculpt.

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SmartLipo and Vaser LIpo are primarily body contouring devices and are designed to destroy fat cells deep below the skin. Some patients do report a reduced appearance of cellulite, but this is mainly due to the removal of excess body fat while the surgeon is sculpting and shaping the body. SmartLipo and Vaser Lipo are not designed to treat. Tumescent liposuction is one of the procedures executed at the Dr Lanzer Clinic. The tumescent technique uses a mixture of epinephrine and lidocaine to soften the body fat, prior to liposuction surgery. If you want to learn more about this procedure and its advantages, please read the information provided by the Dr Lanzer Clinic below About a dozen people undergo Vaser liposuction at liposuction clinics in Singapore daily. However, the idea of liposuction is to reshape parts of the body rather than losing weight. It is a method of suctioning out fat and is also called lipoplasty, liposculpture, lipectomy, and simply lipo Liposuction is basically a beautifying course of action or belly fat removal surgery that removes the belly fat or may say detaches fatty tissue that someone cannot appear in order to dispose of from end to end of the selection of food as well as physical activities.. Plastic as an alternative dermatologic specialist generally carries out the course of action upon the buttocks, abdominal.

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I Am Very Disappointed Upset And Furious At The Doctor That Performed Inner Thigh Vaser Lipo Help Photo Tumescent Technique Liposuction For Body Contouring Gonce Cosmetic Surgery How To Lose Thigh Fat Lipo Vs Coolsculpting Houston Center Thighs Palm Clinic Thigh Liposuction Korea Surgery In Seoul South. VASER Lipo. VASER liposuction refers to a type of liposuction that breaks apart fat cells and loosens them from your deeper tissues using a high frequency ultrasound. Again, this is another variation on the tumescent liposuction technique. Even though it uses an ultrasound, it still is dependent on the suction cannula to remove the fat, and.

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Read the latest news about the liposuction and tummy tuck in Houston done by the top plastic surgeons in Houston. Meet with the professionals of De La Cruz Plastic Surgery to get the right treatment at reasonable prices. Schedule consultation now @(832) 520 -1844 The vaser helps break up and liquefy the fat, it is very efficient for large volumes. The SmartLipo is great for in-office tumescent local anesthetic laser liposuction. But there is a limit to how many areas and volume you can treat at once that is smaller than with ultrasonic or tumescent liposuction under general anesthesia Vaser is no better in removing breast tissue than anything else. Adding liquid to the tissues is a standard procedure -- called tumescent liposuction -- that is performed by 100% of surgeons world wide. Using micro cannulas does not add to the ability to remove solid breast tissue. Finally, there is no fat beneath the chest wall muscle -- period Answer: Lipo fluid in/out. The in you quoted is tumescent fluid infiltrated which we do for all types of liposuction - ie laser, vaser, rf etc. The out is usually written as total out and fat out - ie 2000 total/1500 fat. There is no way to tell how much of a total out is fat if not noted as this can vary Traditional liposuction; Tumescent liposuction; Radiofrequency-assisted liposuction (RFAL) Laser liposuction / ultrasound liposuction such as Smart Lipo and VASER; Traditional liposuction. The old-school method of fat reduction is an aggressive surgical procedure that gets rid of body fat, but leaves telltale liposuction scars

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VASER® Lipo, or LipoSelection®, is an advanced body contouring procedure that uses gentle ultrasonic energy to selectively target unwanted fat, while preserving other important tissue structures such as blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance Tumescent liquid (a saline solution mixed with anesthetics) is injected into the body area being treated. Instead of using a suction cannula and manual movement to break down the fat tissue, or the thermal energy of a laser, VASER uses ultrasound high-frequency energy to break apart fat cells. The ultrasound waves gently disengage, loosen, and.

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Smart Lipo is part gimmick. In the last year I worked with a marketing group and did about 150 Smart Lipo procedures. I have done regular tumescent lipo for over ten years. The difference is pretty small in the average patient, but the cost difference can be substantial Vaser lipo is an outpatient procedure where the surgeon makes small incisions before a tumescent solution is infiltrated into the treatment area. The solution is a mixture of saline, epinephrine and lidocaine

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It is a gentle form of liposuction without aggressive suctioning. Soften superficial fat makes it easy to remove it thus allowing natural results. Results of high definition vaser liposuction can be seen within 6 weeks of the procedure. However, in some cases, the results may take up to 6 months and results vary from person to person Vaser Liposuction Minneapolis. Dr. Shu started using Vaser Liposuction in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota in 2009, and it quickly became his favorite liposuction technology. Similar to laser liposuction, Vaser Lipo is a procedure that dissolves and removes fat using ultrasound energy. The Vaser Lipo system is an impressive technology that. In Vaser liposuction, tumescent liquid, or a saline solution mixed with anesthetics, is injected into the body area that is being treated. Instead of using a cannula and manual movement to break down the fat tissue, or a laser, or water pressure, vaser liposuction uses ultrasound high frequency vibration to break fat cells apart During ultrasonic liposuction, the energy is applied through a small metal cannula, or tube, specially designed for this purpose. VASER LipoSelection ® is an ultrasonic-assisted lipoplasty system. During the ultrasonic liposuction procedure, the treatment area is first filled with the saline solution used in traditional tumescent liposuction

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VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance.The ultrasound device allows the liposuction procedure to go smoothly and quickly.Vaser liposuction treatment areas include the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, waist, flanks, back, chest, arms, and under the chin. Liposuction is a great stand-alone treatment but can also be used in combination with other procedures such as. VASER lipo is an advanced liposuction technology that selectively removes unwanted body fat. VASER liposuction targets fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue. This targeted and less aggressive approach is more precise, gets exceptionally smooth and shapely outcomes, and has a much faster recovery time. It is powerful enough to eliminate substantial areas of fat, but gentle enough to.

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VASER liposuction is beneficial not only for excess fat deposit removal but also for shrinking the skin better than traditional liposuction. Because of the high-frequency energy it delivers, there is typically less bruising and swelling. For patient safety, we limit the removal of fat to 5 liters Vaser 4D - VASER 4D Lipo is a specialised and advanced form of VASER Lipo. VASER 4D is an advanced body sculpting procedure, which removes fat, defines underlying muscles and significantly improves your proportions. Vaser 360 - Vaser 360 lipo is a complete 360 solution for fat around the legs. Vaser 360 treats the knee, thighs, upper legs. vaser liposuction offers a unique and innovative new approach to remove those unwelcome areas of fat that are unreactive to diet and exercise. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising The treatment area is first infused with tumescent fluid - this is the case even if you choose Smartlipo or VASER Lipo. The tumescent fluid allows your surgeon to gain easier access to the fat deposits to be treated and makes the fat easier to remove. During tumescent-only liposuction, a tube (cannula) suctions away fat cells

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One single sitting of liposuction takes almost two hours to complete. There are various types of liposuction with the advancement of technology- suction- assisted liposuction, tumescent liposuction, ultrasound-assisted liposuction and laser-assisted liposuction. VASER liposuction is another type of laser-assisted liposuction Today, liposuction can be performed using the tumescent technique or with the help of ultrasound imaging or a laser, which has transformed liposuction into a much safer and less invasive procedure. Dr. De La Cruz performs both the traditional suction-assisted lipectomy (liposuction), and VASER Liposuction Liposuction is a method for removing the accumulated fat depots in various face and body areas.To conduct this procedure without trauma, we use the so called ultrasound assisted liposculpture (UAL) using VASER. This is the best liposuction and body contouring method available today. There is almost no blood loss and recovery is fast. Patients can immediately resume their regular activities In women, our liposuction tends to focus on sculpting the hour glass figure but Dr. Neinstein is adapt at tailoring looks to the individual, as many women seek different shapes. The goal of the abdomen in everyone is a flat, slim, natural looking version of oneself. In men, our liposuction aggressively targets the flanks or love handles to.

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Liposuction is performed by making a series of small incisions along with your treatment sites, which allows us to then remove your unwanted body fat. We offer several liposuction options to meet a wide range of needs, including Tumescent Liposuction and VASER® Liposelection Dry liposuction simply involves inserting a small tube attached to a vacuum-like machine into a 2 - 3 millimeter incision in the body. The professional then moves the tube back and forth to suck the fat out. Most other forms of liposuction, tumescent liposuction included, are variations on this classic cosmetic procedure that aim to make it. Tumescent Lipo vs. Laser Lipo. You might have the abdominal strength, but the fat overlying your muscles hides your progress from view. This is where liposuction can come in handy. While a few different liposuction techniques exist today, none are as tried and true as tumescent liposuction. Also referred to as traditional lipo, this procedure.

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VASER vs VASER Hi-Def. VASER and the more advanced Vaser Hi-Def both use ultra-sonic sound vibrations to gently break down your pockets of fat tissue.Compared to the traditional method of tumescent lipo, VASER is extremely safe and does not cause the added trauma and damage caused by the large manual cannula that is used to manually break down fat in Tumescent Lipo Vaser liposuction is a very effective type of surgical fat removal and is one of several liposuction techniques available. Whether you are preparing for a liposuction consultation or simply interested in body contouring, understanding the differences between these three techniques will help you make more informed choices.. To learn more about the various types of liposuction Dr. Weinrach. Tricontour™ vs Traditional Liposuction. Liposuction is the most requested plastic surgery procedure today. Though fairly effective, traditional liposuction can be a little scary as it is quite invasive in nature. It usually requires the use of a general anesthesia which provides its own risks