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BTW, there are zero issues using an F4 with an AI lens. The camera will do everything correctly in every exposure mode except focus (which of course you have to do yourself). The only lenses that require extra steps are non-AI lenses. ben_hutcherson, Apr 16, 201 I was recenely gifted an old F4 and some really nice old 'f' mount lenses. On the outside, the camera looks perfect except for the rubber detoriorating from the eyecup. The problem is that the camera sat un-used for six years and the previous owner never removed the batteries from the MB-21. Naturally, the had exploded So I received a new (to me) Nikon F4S in minty, almost new condition from Japan a couple of weeks go, and today my Nikkor 85mm 1.8 AF arrived. Unfortunately after attaching the lens to the camera it's nothing but bad news; the camera whines, makes lots of noise, and the autofocus pretty much doesn't work Yeah - after being off, the old batteries just had enough power for the first shot. The problem with Nikon's two-LED battery check is that it's not testing the batteries under load. You'll find the same issue with the MD-4 drive sometimes: both LED's lit but not enough power to make the camera or drive function Nikon F4 Review / March 26, 2017 by Jake Horn This child of the 80's ushered in the age of auto focus to professional photographers everywhere. Not only could the camera do the focusing for you, but it also introduced matrix metering and an integrated motor drive

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The Nikon F4 is what brought cameras into this modern era. The F4 shattered more new barriers and advanced more technology in bigger steps than Nikon had ever done before, or has ever done since. Nikon's digital SLRs and F5 and F6 are nice, but still none of them, not even the D3 , is as earth-shattering as was the F4 at its introduction MATRIX Metering System. The Nikon F4's Matrix Metering system is the result of many years of laboratory research and field tests, conducted after the pioneering Automatic Multi-Pattern Metering (AMP) system of the Nikon FA which was introduced in 1983. In Matrix Metering, the meter automatically provides correct exposure for the main subject in any lighting situation, without having to use. If you like to use old ais lenses, the f4 will give you full matrix metering with them--something no other nikon body will do. NOTE: when buying an f4 make sure that both lcd screens in the viewfinder are not damaged/leaking. This is a VERY common problem (there are probably more bad f4's then good ones). Buying an F100 sight unseen is far less. A controversial issue relating to the Nikon F4's basic configuration was Nikon's decision to remove the backup mechanical shutter speed from its impressive feature lists. This has made Nikon F4 entirely depends on battery to operate - such very un-Nikon's approach was something that has made many professional users and Nikon faithful felt a.

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Nikon F4 check aperture lever issue - YouTube Most all of the currently available Nikon F4 SLR's may suffer from the dreaded Aperture Lever problem: sticky lever prevents correct DOF preview and/or.. The Nikon F4 Review. My Nikon journey started early. First I had a Nikomat FS (1965). Then a Nikkormat FT2 (1975) with integrated meter. Upgrading brought me into the FE2 (1983) and the fun of the MD-12 speed winders. Later, the Nikon N4004s (1989), the N6006 (1990) and then the great N8008s (introduced in 1991) Nikon F4 flash sync = 1/250, The F4 is great for strobist work. Leica M3 = 1/50, not ideal for strobist work so I often use Bessa R3a (sync 1/125) #2. Maximum shutter speed: Nikon F4 shutter speed = 1/8000, removes need for ND filters. Leica M3 = 1/1000, M3 requires ND filters on fast lenses in bright sunlight. #3 The Nikon F4, F4s, and F4e were released in December of 1988 as a high-end replacement to the awesome F3. Starting at $2500 US (that's $5,230 in 2018 dollars) it was firmly marketed to pro users. The F4s was the F4 with the MB-21 battery pack (standard in USA) which added 21mm to the height. The F4e was the monster - the F4 with the ginormous.

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The Nikon F4 debuted exactly thirty years ago this month, in September 1988, and it carried a price tag of $2,500. That's a whopping $5,316 in 2018 dollars. That makes the F4 more expensive than any camera in Nikon's current lineup except the D5 (here again we should consider the true value of film cameras in 2018) Location. SW Virginia. Oct 18, 2016. #1. I have a Nikon TC-14E which I use with a Nikkor 300 f/4 AFS lens. That is the only lens I have that it is compatible with. With the TC mounted to the lens autofocus will not work. I've tried it with both my D7200 and D750. Without the TC, the lens focus instantly on both cameras Nikon F4. The Nikon F4, technologically speaking, is a major upgrade from the F3HP. The F4 has autofocus, motorized film advance, program and shutter priority exposure modes (in addition to aperture priority and manual), multi-segment (Matrix) exposure metering, and advanced fill-flash capabilities. Although the camera is fully electronic, it.

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Introduced in 1988, the Nikon F4 is one of the classics in the F series of 35mm SLR film cameras. It was the second flagship Nikon camera to incorporate auto.. NIKON Z 7 + NIKKOR Z 14-30mm f/4 S @ 16.5mm, ISO 64, 1/5, f/13.0 Recommendations. This is a hard lens to recommend, but it's also a hard lens not to recommend for Nikon Z users looking for an ultra wide. I think the distortion, vignetting, and focus by wire issues are going to be similar across many/most Nikon Z lenses, especially zooms I have had mine for more than 13 years in full use and keeps on performing like the first day. Rugged and reliable. A masterpiece without a compromise. Nikon F4s with Nikkor AF 50mm f/1.4, showing the 6 AA batteries MB-21 speed winder that makes the F4 an F4s, with a vertical grip shutter trigger

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The Nikon F4 features an autofocus system that can help you improve the quality of your photographs. A sensor inside the F4 works in conjunction with a small motor to shift focus to your subject. Although the focus is happening automatically, you can select the scene or subject of your photo manually if you wish Nikon is now offering a firmware update for the VR issues found in early shipments of the Nikkor 300mm f/4E PF ED VR lens (serial number under 205101). The problem: when shooting at around 1/125 or lower shutter speeds with a D8xx cameras, handheld shots with the VR OFF were much sharper than the shots taken with the VR ON (see the user reviews on Nikon USA for more details) Hey all- I recently upgraded from my Sigma 500mm f/4.5 to a Nikon 600mm AFS-II lens. The lens was purchased used as a Nikon refurb with a 6 month warranty, so I figured I was safe there. I've only had a limited number of outings due to new baby and the weather, but I've been less than impressed so far with the results. I wrote the first few experiences off to new lens and lackluster lighting. Coming to you from Dustin Abbott, this great review looks at the 500mm f/4 DG OS HSM Sports lens. Sigma's lenses are well known for providing comparable or even better optical quality than first.

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